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Best Arrow Rest Selection Guide 2017


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Several articles have talked about shooting a bow or hiking adventures. This article will focus on reviewing the best arrow rest and also how to choose them. Before that, do you know what typically touches your arrow after the string is released? Of course, it is the arrow rest and the string.

That is reason why it is determined by your shooting ability and precision. From the start, you need to have the proper shaft and the rest since these are some of the most vital hunting supplements.

Best Arrow RestHow to Choose the Best Arrow Rest

Arrow rests are just like other archery accessories, but the difference is their crucial resting functionality. You find that some will have maximum performance, unlike others. Before going to your next arrow rest dealer, grasp the following arrow selection tips:

  1. Fingers and Release Aid

Finger selection entails achieving the proper horizontal arrow rest tension by simply dampening the left and right side of the arrow and string. While release selection is whereby the desired arrow resting match must be achieved by paying less attention to the horizontal tension.

  1. Arrow alignment

When mounting the rest on your bow, it is advised to first set the center of shot or alignment. This can only be achieved by lining up your arrow center to the left side (if you are right-handed) of the line that is in front of the string.

  1. Arrow Powder Testing

It is vital to powder test your arrow regardless of the rest that you are using. You can opt to use some foot spray white powder at the end of each arrow. Try shooting it into a short target and see if you can identify the shaft and fletching for visual marks. If you see any contact marks, adjust and retest the arrow until the marks are no longer seen in the fletching. Of course, you should learn to do this as you plan to purchase your best arrow rest.

  1. Adjusting the nocking points

Before purchasing your best arrow rest, it is advised to first know how to adjust the nocking points for a better target. You can simply do this by holding the pull cord back which will help to bring the rest back to its position. You can also use a paper frame with a sheet of old newspaper since it helps to fine tune the nocking points heights.

  1. Maintain Your Arrow Rest Parts

It is crucial to keep arrow rest parts clean so as to avoid further collection of dirt which is regarded as the recipe for failure that comes at worst times. You can use Teflon lube oil for lubrication.

Amazon Best Sellers


Proper arrow resting selection is the main key to a maximum arrow flight performance. With that in mind, I don’t want to spoil it any further. Allow me to introduce to you my top ten best arrow selection in the market today.


New Archery Apache Drop Away Arrow Rest (Camo, Righthand)-Best Arrow RestIt is a right-hand arrow rest that defines quality and support at its best. It allows you to get the best combination feature due to its cost and upgrading performance.

It just requires a fine paper tuning once in a while and you are good to aim for more than 60 yards. Within minutes you are guaranteed to start shooting, thanks to the easily setting adjustments.


  • Regarded as the best rest for your bow
  • It does not interfere with any arrow flight changes
  • It is designed to work effectively with the vital impact and any compound bow
  • Includes a serving string


Quality Archery Products HDX Arrow RestWith over one hundred positive reviews at Amazon, you are guaranteed that this is best arrow rest out there. The most interesting thing about it is that it has the ability to hold the arrow, unlike other resting models.

Besides, it comes with moleskin hence reducing the level of noise that is caused when the arrow gets bumped. It is important to note that you have to put a nock point at a higher position than usual when setting this rest.

This is because it comes in 7/16 inch which is quite higher than the standard rest that comes with about 1 to 3/8 inch.


  • Made of high-quality stainless steel
  • Comes with limited lifetime warranty
  • Feature the Lockdown Technology and Advanced Vibration Technology for super speed performance
  • Has a full draw indicator that provides sufficient launching position at full draw
  • It comes with an instructional DVD, cable clamp, felt covers, tools, arrow rest etc



Quality Archery Designs Ultra-Rest HDX, Mossy Oak, Right HandIt is an awesome hunting rest that offers maximum precision for shooting. I once had a chance to use it with over four arrows in a 5-inch circle which was fifty yards.

Be warned that it is not designed for target rest, but it is made for you who love to shoot on various free stands and moving all over the woods.

If you are a target or competitive 3D shooter, I will advise you to choose another arrow resting model.


  • Well designed with spare parts availability
  • Best for use in summer and hunting during a fall
  • You can easily adjust the timing cord with Cord Lock
  • Made from derlin components, stainless steel, and CNC aluminium
  • The sleek curve capture design enhances ample versatility
  • Includes brakes and cut felt that reduce the level of noise



Best Arrow Rest-Archer Xtreme Titanium Recon Arrow Rest AXR10I can’t ignore to put this best arrow rest on top of my finest arrow resting list. This is due to its lots of advantages and effective features.

First, prepare yourself to have maximum strength and weight while enjoying the blend of carbon and titanium component appearance. It is fully adjustable to speed up your bow.

If the rest doesn’t fit at a start, then try to find help at your local arrow dealers and you will be assured to get a fine adjustment.


  • It the world’s first 100% machine Titanium launcher
  • Comes with interchangeable Containment arm system
  • Installed carbon body Armor ensures noise reduction and super strength
  • It is a Microtone Trigger kind of arrow rest
  • Lightweight, Faster and overall stronger



Trophy Taker SmackDown FC Arrow Rest CamoJust like the name implies: it is one of the best trophy takers and real Smackdown adventure around the woods.

With this, you will not get any plastic parts around it, but extremely effective and strong spare parts.

Note that this Smackdown pro allows several configurations such as an upper limb, lower limb, upward cable and downward cable driven set up.


  • A limb driven rest supports the arrow throughout the shot for maximum performance
  • It is well built and very simple to adjust
  • Widely known as the most silent rest due to the internal dual bearings
  • Features high metal construction thanks to its sleek and low profile design
  • Guaranteed to get unlimited warranty from Trophy Takers



Trophy Ridge HXL Rest Vertical Drop AwayIt is the best arrow rest that is available in the market today. It comes with high-quality design.

Also has a full arrow containment and Vertical Drop Technology for exceptional performance.

The removable containment arms work well with sizable arrows. The rubber inserts reduce the level of noise and destruction.


  • Recommended for right-hand users
  • Supports your arrow for a limited amount of time
  • Guaranteed to get 100% arrow containment
  • Super solid 6061 Aluminium construction
  • Features a Limb Driven design which works effectively for either upward moving bow cable or the limb of the bow



Trophy Ridge Micro Revolution Full-Capture Fall Away Arrow RestThis best revolution arrow rest is designed for easy adjustment and quick set up capabilities. You will be surprised to take only a few minutes and start your hunting adventure.

The internal component allows you to tune your bows performance timing by simply splitting and pressing your cables.

Once you have engaged the revolution’s launcher that is around the arrow, you will be able to scare-off your target buck with less anxiety.

Don’t forget to add the Revolution’s silent pad which is included in the box, and wait to hear the calm weather that comes with less distraction while loading, drawing or releasing your arrow.


  • Has an internal mechanism feature that tends to bounce back hence delivering a super silent shot
  • Regardless of its fletching size, you are assured to get the maximum level of clearance
  • Rotates in counter clockwise motion at 90 degrees
  • Unmatched containment



Trophy Ridge Sure Shot Pro Whisker Biscuit Arrow Left Hand RestIt is and it will always be the best bow hunting rest in the market. I am simply saying this because it is most accurate than you can imagine.

It defines simplicity, precision with no moving spare parts while hunting. To be short and precise, you can either shoot me or stand with me: If I were you I would choose nothing than a Whisker Biscuit Arrow rest.


  • Prevents binding overtime with the help of elevation adjustment and Micro wind tech
  • It is an Aluminium encased biscuit
  • Includes custom rubber boots silence arrow landing
  • Professionally designed to use with the right and left-hand bows



Trophy Ridge Bowfishing Whisker Biscuit Arrow RestThis best arrow rest delivers all the accuracy, dependability and readiness in an adjustable manner.

With a lighter and a more compact aluminium encased biscuit, it is 300% stronger than other arrow rest models.

The custom rubber loads silence arrow for quiet and smooth operation. It can be mounted for left or right-hand shooters.


  • Features a windage and adjustments
  • Includes Laser-engraved marks
  • V-notch that is located at the top reduces the slide obstruction and easy landing
  • 100%made in the USA
  • It can be attached to any type of bow



Quality Archery Products HDX Lost Best Arrow RestThis best Lost camo describes its sleek design that comes with extra versatility hence you won’t be disappointed. In fact, it is constructed to hold all the features of the HDX models.

If you are a skilled archer and you want nothing else but the top notch model, consider this in your line up.


  • Has advanced vibration system forces that reduce the vibration amplitude to minus
  • The durable molded rubber creates an appealing and comfortable field
  • Features an adjustable timing cord and the full draw indicator for proper launching position
  • Don’t be lost by its description it is the real lost camo by Mathews
  • Features a Break Away Safety for longevity
  • Includes a felt applicator which you must install it yourself



I have come to realize that silence is indeed golden in this hunting field. That is one of the reasons I have chosen for you the ten best arrow rests that don’t produce a sound when it comes to using them. Secondly, I have come to love Smackdown Pro due to its high-quality features and functionality.

You can also never go wrong with the Whisker Biscuit arrow rest which by the way is the only ideal arrow rest that gives you 300% high performance. Besides, it can be used by both the right-hand and left-hand user.

I will not forget to mention the Micro Ridge Revolution Full Capture Fall Away Arrow Rest since it comes with a bouncing back feature for a less distraction shot. Now I will leave you to select the bet arrow rest for your body size and hand type as well.

Best Arrow Rests Selection VIdeo Guide


You can decide to choose the most complex or simple arrow rest, but you will never lack the best arrow rest that fit your bill. As long as you understand the function of the rest and whether you prefer hunting, bow fishing or target rest, you are definitely headed in the right direction. Buying a high-quality rest that comes from a reputable manufacturer is the best decision you can ever make.

Best Arrow Rest Selection Guide 2017
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