Best Bow Sight Guide

Best Bow Sight Guide And Review

Archery involves practicing your first skills which help to increase your level of accuracy. No matter how sharp your eye is, the best bow sight is also considered as a great aid addition for optimum aim. There are lots of sights available in the market and selecting the best is quite a challenge.

They tend to differ significantly, and that’s why you should understand the pros and cons of each. The process helps you to choose one that will meet your budget and needs.

My main aim of writing this article is to give you detailed information about the features that you should be looking for when purchasing the bow sights. Also, a short overview of my top ten best bow sights and guide that will satisfy the needs of any archer.

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Note that some of the bow sights that I have selected are rather simple regarding performance and durability. However, I have also gathered a few that are more advanced and efficient. Don’t risk on wasting your money on doing a thorough online research.

Follow this article to the end and your bow sight shopping will be much easier. Remember to select one of my best ten bows (below).

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Best Bow Sight Buyer’s Guide                                                

To avoid confusion while reading my reviews, allow me to introduce to you four major types of bow sights.

  • Movable Pin: It is a single pin sight that can be moved hence it becomes easier to come up with different shots. It is a great pin for accuracy, but it takes some time to adjust and reset. Some of them have user level or bracket system which allows you to adjust your sight in no time.
  • Fixed Pin: It is the most commonly used and efficient type of pin and favored by lots of hunters and comes in different design. Most of them come with a unique feature which allows you to remove or add pins. For this reason, they can be adjusted to fit the hunter’s needs. Includes 3-5 pins per site or even 7
  •  Pendulum: It is a type of elevation sight for a shooter that is typically used in tree stands.
  • 3D Target (Competition): It is regarded as the most exact type of sight, but it is also complex and sizable. It is only used by professional hunters and doesn’t hold up as desired due to its large size.


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What to Look for When Shopping for Best Bow Sights?

Number of Pins: It is best to try several options and select the one that you feel most comfortable to use. Hosting the number of pins depends on your personal preference. I am simply saying this because I might like “gaping shoot” where I aim at the gaps between the pin while you might prefer to have a single pin.

  1. Price: High-quality sights are quite expensive, especially if they have additional features like LED lights. At this point, find a durable sight that best suits your budget and overall quality. The best bow like this are offered below.
  2. Material: Plastic and Aluminium alloys are two types of materials that have dominated the bow sight construction. But, they are sometimes made from various combinations such as an aluminum frame and plastic pin guard. Sights made from aluminium are mostly preferred due to longevity. There are also top notch plastic polymers that effectively stand up to any trials while hunting.
  3. Mount: This typically depends on whether you want a dovetail or a fixed amount. Both are efficient, but the best thing to do is to try the two options and choose the best. Fixed mount is a little bit easier to handle.
  4. Bubble level: It is a simple extra feature that keeps your bow in an upright position. It helps in improving your chances of making a precise shot. The bubble level is perfect for a novice hunter, but even a skilled hunter can benefit from this best feature.
  5. Fiber optics: This new tech provides great aiming points. It is not a must have but can increase the level of accuracy. If you want to shoot in a poor light, then this feature allows you to aim better. However, sight lights are illegal to use in some areas, always check your local regulations before planning to hunt with this kind of sight.
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The Best Bow Sight Reviews


Black Gold Surge 5 - pin Sight Right Hand -best bow sight

It is one of the premium bow sights that features the micro-adjustment pins hence enabling precision capabilities. You will get with either five or seven pins which can be attached to the standard sculpted base.

You can easily adjust the pins that are also machined to prevent corrosion. The Inch Wheel Adjustment makes work easier and simple for you to perform the pin adjustment. Pin brightness is also guaranteed with the help of Sky Coil Technology.

This bows pins will not halo when you are hunting. The Photochromatic Technology prevents the halo effect from happening.


  • Weight about 7.3 oz
  • 019” pins and 2” Big Dog pin guard
  • Inch Wheel micro-adjustment
  • Includes Derlin Wheels for silent operation
  • Interchangeable glo-rings
  • Features large bubble level
  • The sculpted base has a sizable dovetail

Verdict: If you are looking for a bow sight that provides superior features, try this best bow sight by Black Gold. First, you can easily choose the pin guard size. Second, the pins are extremely durable, thanks to the machined aluminium coating.

Third, the BigDog Guard provides you with a more substantial field of view. Forth, the sizable clamping dovetail gives this bow sight to stay intact hence it will never work its way loose. One Word: Supreme Bow Sight



Trophy Ridge React 5 Pin Bow Sight, Right Hand, Black

If you want your sight to be as accurate and versatile as possible, try this Trophy Ridge 5-pin bow. It differs a lot with other models since it is 25% lighter.

Plus, it is perfectly made of copolymer material, and aluminium hence has the ability to withstand corrosion and rust. You will never tip off with this best bow sight, thanks to its lightweight feature which also helps to reduce the high level of vibration.

The sight is also designed to be used in various places such shooting on a level ground and from the top of the tree. It also comes with several holes for mounting; you can opt to change them depending on your preferences.


  • Includes a mounting bracket which is reversible (can be used by a right-hand or left-hand person)
  • The sight comes with a 2 nd axis that is adjustable for elevation and the wind
  • Well equipped with rheostat sight light that helps you to see in the dark
  • Tool-Less micro adjustment
  • Features 019 Fiber Optic Pins thus enhancing maximum aim
  • Ballistix Copolymer System provides the sight with sufficient durability

Verdict: Prepare yourself for superb integration that comes with this bow sight. In other words, you can attach any type of bow with this sight.

It is specially made for those who want to focus more fully on shooting and saving time from several adjustments. Overall: It will always be my number one choice regarding accuracy. How about you?



Black Gold Rush Bow Sight

If you are looking for the ideal sight on a budget, this Black Bow represents other models. Don’t underrate it yet since it is quite loaded with unique features that are always used by ranked or expensive models.

You can either choose from 3, 4, 5 or even seven pins. You will appreciate the toughness and durability that comes with this sight.

The Bombproof Company have upgraded this bows’ pins with metal hence protecting the fibers for an extended period of time. There is also a machined aluminium pin guard around the pins.


  • The pins offer a 4-way micro-adjustment feature
  • Includes a Sky Coil Technology for ample brightness
  • High-Performance Photo Chromatic Tech gives you the ability to darken the background
  • Comes with Interchangeable glo-rings
  • Horizontal and vertical gang micro-adjustment
  • Feature bubble level
  • Includes an oversized dovetail and sculpted base
  • 019” pins (metal protected)
  • It is well coated with an Anodized Camo or black finish

Verdict: According to my in-depth research, I can indeed say that this Black Bow Sight Rush is reasonably affordable in an innovative way. It has more than two technology systems and a 4-way micro-adjustment feature for super performance.

It is just a supersonic example of a bow sight product that does exactly what the consumer expects. The pins reflect adequate bright in a time of need.



best bow sight-Black Gold Widow Maker Archery Bow Sight, Black

If you are looking for a sight that comes with lots of packed features and high price, try this best bow by Black Gold. It provides you with extra micro-adjustments levels for both vertical and horizontal gang adjustment.


  • Features an adjustable level of adequate accuracy
  • Comes with an Inch Wheel Micro Gang Adjustment
  • Sizable clamping dovetails
  • Has a low profile Photochromatic shell that provides ample light to the pins in low light and darkens the pin in highlight
  • The fluorescent Interchangeable guard rings (Wicket white, Radical Red, Neon Pink, Standard Nitrous Green and Atomic Yellow)
  • It is made of durable 6061T6 Aluminium
  • Includes Sculpted3 position base
  • The bow has 19 fiber optic pins
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Verdict: I can define it as a larger size aperture that carefully ensures you have accurately built your preference regarding its efficiency.

Be ready to experience proper alignment capabilities and easy adjustments. You will never go back to purchase any bow sight model if you have this Widow Maker sight.



Spot Hogg Hogg Father Sight-best bow sight

I have been trying for years to look for the best single pin bow sight to no positive return. Most of the models disappointed me due to poor reliability and not being easy to manage.

But when I landed into this moveable Spot Hogg bow sight, I started my hunting with much ease. In fact, I call it the “Mother of all Hogg’s.” It shares charismatic features which attracted me to try and see.

Without a doubt, I was glad to add a plus every day instead of a minus. The bow works efficiently with perfect precision and provides a deadly combination when bow hunting.


  • It comes with a well-designed travel case for utmost protection
  • Features quick release dovetail that enhances long extensions
  • Installed Yardage or Bull Knob wheel is sizable which makes it easier to hold and rotate
  • The bomb-proof construction provides this bow with adequate precision
  • It comes with unique vertical adjustment than other models
  • Spot Hogg has incorporated a drive and clamping screw on the pointer which helps to tighten up the set screws
  • Supports second and thirst axis capabilities and comes with 1-7 pins

Verdict: Expect to get a super and “father like” protection that is built to last with this best bow sight by Spot Hogg. It is accurate, robust, reliable and dependable.

For a moveable pin sight, it is a smart investment has no doubt that this sight will give me sufficient lifespan.



best bow sight-MBG Ascent Ambush Single Pin Sight, Black, .019-Inch

If you are a tree stand shooter lover, you can never go wrong with this pendulum technology bow sight. You can easily shoot up to 35 yards and easy to adjust.

Considering that other bow sight models are quite noisy, this bow sight is soundless. You are also guaranteed to focus more on your aiming techniques, thanks to the adjustable brackets 0.019” pin,(I call it a 2-in-1 bow sight).

Purely made out of aluminium hence making it withstand rust. You can easily tune this bow sight depending on your preference: either left or right.


  • It can easily be locked for ground shooting
  • Easily adjustable for right and left-hand shooter
  • Includes a wrapped fiber for additional protection
  • Use the pre-printed Yardage tapes TG701 only
  • Provide violet rheostat LED, 1.8”Aperture diameter
  • Fiber optic cable included

Verdict: The high-quality rheostat light feature makes work easier for you since you won’t purchase any light batteries. The glow in the dark shooters ring is what every hunter enthusiasts need to quench the hunting thirst. Allow me to say to you that this bow is one of the accurate and most advanced pendulum sights. That is one of the reasons why I have decided to review it.



Montana Black Gold Pure Adrenaline 75 5 Pin Sight-best bow sight

Montana Black Gold is widely known for making high-quality bow sights. This time, they have upgraded with this pure adrenaline 75 pin sights which are durable and more accurate than ever.

The brightness of the pins is still evident as ever. It comes with adjustability features such as eight clicks per inch both horizontal and vertical.

The sight also allows you to set it at a default distance without looking at the sight scale, thanks to the 3 axis adjustability and (zero out) design.


  • It has more windage adjustment hence fitting any bow and shooting style
  • It comes with angle sight scale which allows you to view from the side of the sight and behind
  • Has a Sky Coil technology that maximizes the level of light on the pins
  • Features five pin heads: micro-adjustable pins and vertical drive design pins
  • Interchangeable fluorescent sight ring
  • Prefer to be used by a right-hand person
  • 019 sight pins available

Verdict: Jus like its name suggest, this Pure Gold bow sight will never let you down. It comes with more positive reviews from different consumers.

The features are just amazing hence expecting an A+ performance. It is quite heavy, but I bet you can handle with time.



best bow sight-MBG Ascent Ambush Single Pin Sight, Black, .019-Inch

It is a high-quality bow sight that comes with 3 or 5 field pin, and shares a wide range of features that enhances the hunting target styles.

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The pins are made of unique fiber optic materials and readily available adjustments for accuracy. The MBG hasn’t left behind the technology that comes with this sight.

In short, the Skycoil Technology brightens the pins in dim light and decreases them up in maximum light.


  • Zero-out feature allows you to determine the yardage level without looking
  • High-quality Photochromatic shell provides 80% effectiveness than the original one
  • The Indexable Yardage pointer gives you time to reset your bows set up
  • Compact design and lightweight
  • 019”pins which are metal protected
  • Sizable bubble level
  • To be used by a right-hand person

Verdict: This MBG seems like a hit to most of the consumers and professional hunters. You are assured to get a vertical target sight and balance bubble feature. It will suit your hunting style just like you have planned.



HHA Sports Optimizer Light OL5019 .19 Moveable Sight-best bow sight

HHA Sports Optimizer Light is a single-pin sight that features the Blue Burst Light and lens kit. You can easily adjust the level arm since it weighs about 8oz.

Not to mention that it comes with a mounting bracket which helps the sight to be set in the right position and height. The housing bracket is quite firm hence eliminating the room for screw play.

All adjustments are made with the help of Totally Toolness System, which is considered as a welcoming future if you always use hex set handy to fix.


  • Adjustable pins for hunting
  • Rheostat adjustment for maximum light or less light of the fiber optic pin
  • You can quickly change the brightness of the pin with this sight
  • It is easy to use and works as expected
  • Comes with Ultra Tapes which are marked for every yard (other sight models tapes are marked for every five yards)
  • Armor Pin Technology provides this sight with a rigid fiber housing hence protecting it from further damage
  • It is well designed with aluminium and an anti-glare coating

Verdict:  The sight for this bow is stable enough to tackle the hunting environment. Forget about tightening up the screws due to rattling or loosening.

Setting up is easy as compared to other models. Included sight tapes are easy to manage and deliver an accurate performance. Overall: It is an outstanding sight, lightweight and gives great accuracy.



best bow sight-HHA Optimizer Lite Ultra Sight - DS-5519 LH

It is a new left-hand bow sight that comes with unique features. I can’t resist a lifetime warranty and green sight ring that exclusively provides you with optimum leveling. It is advised to install the sight in desired level since it could later affect your arrow clearance.

One immediate thing that draws me closer to this best bow sight is the ability to sight it first in 20 yards and then later at 60 yards. Also, remember to make small adjustments till you reach 60 yards, especially if you don’t have a clue on how to approximate your 20 and 60 pins.


  • Single pin allows you to have maximum focus without any distractions
  • Has a 4x lens which helps you to improve your target
  • 019 pin
  • Features a rheostat feature that lets you tune the pin brightness
  • Fiber Optic Length 3 to 6”

Verdict:  You can easily adjust this bow sight to suit your preferences. But if you want to shoot to over 120 or more yards, try a more improved sight like HHA Optimizer King Pin.

Not to mention this HHA Optimizer Lite has overall quality craftsmanship, well-performing single pins, and solid construction.

The suggested retail price is $239.99, and if you utilize it correctly, you will experience the tightest grouping ever.

I highly recommend this sight product to any bow hunter to increase the ability to shoot the center of your target.


Choosing Archery/Bow Accessories


I perfectly understand now that you have learned informative features and reviews of the bow sights that I have just reviewed.

For this reason, allow me to pick one of the best bow sights on my top ten lists. First, you can never go wrong with the Black Gold selection. Considering they come with unique features that are most active and at the right time.

Don’t forget to pick one from the three types of Black Gold sights. Contrary to that, the HHA Optimizer Lite 5519 and 5019 are one of the finest bow sights on the market. Not to mention you are guaranteed to get a lifetime warranty when you purchase one of the HHA models.

Also, the Spot Hogg takes the first row as the best single pin bow sight that meticulously works as expected. If you want a pendulum kind of bow, pick the Truglo Pendulum for exceptional treestand shooting.

Best Bow Sight Guide And Review
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