Best Compound Bow Brands

Best Compound Bow Brands


If you are wondering which the best compound bow manufacturers in the market are you have come to the right place.
In our review guide below we have chosen the top 5 compound bow brands and analyzed them.
We would like to highlight that there is not an absolute “best compound bow brand” as the companies might target different parts of the market or produce bows that cannot be compared to each other.

Best Compound Bow Brands

Having that in mind, for our top 5, we chose brands that cover a wide range of the compound bow fields like, hunting compound bows, archery compound bows, compound bows for beginners professionals etc.


So if you want to make the best compound bow choice, do not make your mind about which is the best bow company and then buy a compound bow from them, think what you need the bow for and then decide which company is the best for that purpose.

Best Compound Bow-AW Pro Compound Bow Kit Archery Set

Bear archery Bear archery was founded by the mythical Fred Bear at 1939.
After leaving his parents’ house to pursue a career at auto industry Fred Bear soon found his real passion which was bow hunting.
At the beginning he crafted bows only for his friends but after a while it became a full time business for him and launched Bow Archery.
Being an experience marketer Fred Bear didn’t found it difficult to expand his business and conquer new markets.


A strategic point at the evolution of Bear Archery was the acquisition of Jennings archery and its talented people at 1982 that skyrocketed the business.

Today Bear Archery is one of the industry’s leaders at archery equipment by producing top class high performance bows.

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The main characteristics of Bear Archery’s compound bows is that their limbs are compression molded consisting by continuous uncut fibers something that makes them forceful and durable.

By offering such high quality products it’s no surprise that Bear Archery has the biggest share of the market of bow hunters.
Some of the top sellers of Bear archery are:

  • Bear Agenda 6
  • Bear Anarchy
  • Bear Archery Encounter
  • Bear Archery Apprentice 2

Bowtech archery Bowtech has made a name for their improving quality process.
It is not an urban legend that they manually test and shoot every single bow they create and guess what… They are proud of it.
They constantly evolve at bow manufacturing by incorporating al the latest technologies and working really hard at design, research and the quality of their products.

As a result of these efforts bowtech team invented the innovative Binary Cam System a revolutionary technology designed to overcome the constraints of single dual cam and hybrid eccentric systems.

With no synchronization problems and a high level of efficiency the binary cam system increases accuracy and produces great power.
They are so sure of the quality of the products they manufacture that they give a lifetime warranty with all of their compound bows.
The acquisition at 2007 by Savage Sport Corporation was a step ahead for the company because, the leading team of bowtech is still there and they also have an ever bigger capital to invest in new technologies.

Some of the top sellers of bowtech archery are:

  • Diamond Bowtech core
  • Infinite edge
  • Bowtech Assasin
  • Diamond Archery
  • Diamond infiite edge
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HOYT archeryHoyt is one of the historic brands of the field which was established at 1942 by Earl Hoyt Jr. and really soon after became one of the industry’s’ leaders.

Nowadays HOYT is located at Salt Lake City of the United States of America.

Hoyt inclines to be a conservative manufacturer of compound bows using well proven designs and changing established platforms really slow.
But we have to admit HOYT is a really innovative compound bow company.

It is well known that when it comes to innovations and novelties HOYT is one of the best archery brands. And we cannot underestimate their huge contribution at the archery industry.

HOYT is clearly one of the leaders in the hunting/archery industry and their products are very popular amongst many hunters and archers.
It should be mentioned that a lot of Olympic Medalists at archery use HOYT bows as another proof of the high quality of their products.
Some of the top sellers of HOYT archery are:

Best Compound Bow-Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package

PSE archery Precision Shooting Equipment known also as PSE is a successful and famous compound bow brand that has been producing archery products since 1970.

  • The company was established by an impassioned archer, Pete Shepley
  • Pete Shepley wanted to change the archery industry and used a lot of his free time working on innovative compound bow ideas.
  • After the compound bow was invented PSE was one of the first companies that started manufacturing compound bows.
  • Since then PSE is producing high quality compound bows highly acceptable by both enthusiasts and professionals.
  • PSE is always bringing innovative technologies to the compound bows industry. An example of this is that PSE was the first company that manufactured aluminum bow risers.
  • But this is one of the dozens of patents PSE holds as one of the industry’s leaders.
  • They are also devoted at promoting archery.
  • They have produced a DVD guide of how to shoot safely, fund school programs and archery summer camps and have an archery training center for kids and adults too.
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Best Compound Bow-Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package
Some of the top sellers of PSE archery are:

  • PSE Prophecy
  • PSE Fever One
  • PSE Ready to Shoot Surge Bow
  • PSE Sinister


Martin ArcheryMartin archery began as a family business at 1951 when Gail and Eva Martin begun to manufacture compound bows at the kitchen and the garage of their own house. After that their son took over and transformed the business  to one of the industry’s leaders.
Holding a number of patterns their contribution to the archery industry cannot be doubted.
Their line of products is truly impressive.

Except the traditional bow and the wide range of archery products that Martin Archery is manufacturing they have two main categories of compound bows. The pro series and the gold series of compound bows.

The pro series bows is commonly bought by professional archers because they are produced with the latest technologies to provide innovative features and extremely high performance.

The Gold series compound bows are produced to be more affordable but also quality and accurate.
Some of the top sellers of PSE archery are

  • Martin Pantera Magnum
  • Martin Treshold
  • Martin Blade X4
  • Martin Lithium
Best Compound Bow Brands
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