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Best Compound Bow for the Money


Forged in a perpetual dedication to creating the best bows of the 21st century lies Genesis Archery – a world renowned bow manufacturer that has successfully crafted high performance bows that can be typically used in any situation.
Genesis Archery deals with a wide range of bows that are geared for hunting and also for beginners. However, nothing sets it apart from the rest like its Genesis Original bow. A rather simplistic yet powerful compound bow that is specifically meant for all those young archers who may want to enjoy Oliver Queen’s favorite sport – archery.

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Best Compound Bow for the Money

The Genesis Original bow is clearly on a class of its own. This bow is widely considered as one of the best compound bow for the money. Its unmatched ease of use and its simple design make it the bow to go for when all you want is to brush up on your archery skills. Being the official bow for the National Archery in Schools Program (NASP), there are plenty of reasons why you should own this bow as it has undergone rigorous tests for quality, durability, ease of use, performance, and value.

Best Compound Bow Review and Guide
As such, every inch of this aluminum bow spells out exactly what you need to make the perfect rookie shot without fussing much about its value or its performance. Machined from the 6061-T6 aluminum, the arrow reiterates every aspect of a lightweight bow. However, there is much more to say about the Genesis Original bow than what most resellers usually say.

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Firstly, it is worth noting that it has a draw length of about 15 – 30 inches. Such a wide range means that this bow can be used by almost anyone since the bow has zero let-off. Thus, there is no need to fumble on which particular bow may be suitable for your 13-year-old son or your 40-year-old colleague who wants to learn a few archery skills.
One bow may serve you for a lifetime, thanks to the zero let-off Genesis technology.
Besides its flexible draw length, the Genesis Original bow also packs a high poundage that is almost comparable to some recurve bows in the stores. It has an adjustable draw weight of approximately 10-20 pounds which can be effortlessly achieved by many new archers.
Shooting thus becomes extremely easy since pulling the string from your fingers won’t require tons of effort. The Aluminum Genesis Cam with the idler also allows for accurate shooting with a rather unnoticeable recoil.
The fact that the Genesis Original bow is majorly made from machined aluminum makes it particularly lightweight and comfortable to hold for most people. It weighs a mere 3 lbs. which is ideal for a good number of people who are still learning how to properly hold a bow. Other than its lightness, it features a 35.5” axle-to-axle length and a 7.625” brace height.
Advantages of Genesis Original BowEasily Adjustable

The bow’s limbs usually allow for the adjustment of the draw weight, and the Genesis Original bow has bolts that hold together the limbs and the riser. So, for you to adjust this, all you need is a hex wrench. If you want to achieve a lower pound weight, you’ll just have to turn the bolts counterclockwise.
Can’t Be Outgrown

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Unlike other bows which feature a fixed draw length range, the Genesis Original bow can be used for years without being inefficient as you grow older. This makes it a wise choice if you’re planning to get a bow for your kids. You can rest assured that they will still comfortably use the bows even in young adulthood.

The NASP didn’t pick the Genesis Original bow by mistake. Its durability and ability to take all kinds of punishment that pro archers can dish out is what makes it worth. No one wants something that will break in a few months just because it underwent too much stress.
Easy to Use

Again, the draw length of the Genesis Original bow makes it very easy to use and easy to shoot for most people. Since the draw length is perfect, you won’t develop the bad habits that are usually prevalent with bows that don’t fit.
Disadvantages of Genesis Original BowLack of Sights

Aiming may be a bit tricky with the Genesis Original bow since it lacks sights. Only people with a good eye may be able to perfectly aim the arrow to their targets without extra help. The immovable mount makes it difficult to aim.

The bow is meant for contests and not for hunting. It lacks several features that make it ideal for hunting. Thus, you may be forced to buy another Genesis bow that is suitable for hunting.

All in all, the Genesis Original bow is perfect for those who want to learn the archery. Nearly all of its features such as the flexible draw length make it ideal for newbie archers. This bow is definitely one to consider purchasing if you are looking for the best compound bow for the money. Check out our other compound bow reviews .

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Best Compound Bow for the Money
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