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Review of Some Of The Best One Pin Sight


You must have a one pin sight to shoot your arrows accurately if you are a bow enthusiast. You can find various types of one pin sights in the market. It makes it difficult to find the best one pin sight unless you know about some of them before shopping for one.

Some of the best one pin sights

The reviews of some of the best one pin sights provided here under can be helpful for you.

1 Apex Gear Covert 1-Pin Sight

It is the best one pin sight because its aperture housing includes adjustments for horizontal as well as vertical tilt.

Pros:Apex Gear best one pin sight

  • It contains Micro adjustable elevation and windage feature
  • Its scope housing can be aligned to peep as its shooter ring glows in the dark
  • The location of its rear facing yardage tape can be seen easily
  • Its aluminium construction is precisely machined


  • Small parts are cheaply made
  • Bad workmanship

It is the best sight with one pin because it is precisely machined and allows you to use it even in darker light conditions.


2. HHA DS-XL5010 Optimizer Lite Ultra Site

This made in the USA one pin sight is also the best due to its ultra lite weight and other features.

Pros:HHA DS-XL5010 best one pin sight

  • It is supported with 100% warranty for lifetime
  • Its aluminium construction is CNC machined
  • It can be used by 3D shooters and bow hunters
  • It has .010 pin and green sight ring
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  • No mounting hardware
  • Direct message feature is missing

It is the best one pin sight because of its precisely machined construction and 100% warranty for lifetime.

3. Truglo Pendulum Adjustable Bracket 1-Pin Sight

It is the best sight in its class because along with other features it is available with an advanced feature of treestand sight.

Pros:Truglo Pendulum best one pin sight

  • It is extremely quiet. The most advanced treestand sights available.
  • It compensates automatically for distances up to 35 yards
  • During ground shooting its pendulum can be locked
  • The size of its pin is .019”
  • It is wrapped with fibre to protect its extra long structure
  • It can be used by right and left handed shooters
  • It is provided with pre-printed yardage tapes
  • It contains adjustable and removable rheostat violet LED


  • Working of sight light is not proper
  • Does not work in wet to freezing condition

It is the best sight in its class because of the ease of its use and maintenance.

4. Trophy Ridge React-One 1 Pin Bow Sight

It is the best one pin sight because it can be used by both, right and left handed shooters.

Pros:Trophy Ridge one pin sight

  • It is completely constructed in aluminium
  • Its micro-adjustment does not need any tool
  • Its pin is made of ultra bright fibre
  • Its pin contains a rheostat light
  • It can be used for fast targeting up to 20 yards
  • It is provided with yardage stickers from 20 to 100 yards
  • Sight level and rheostat light are its other important features


  • Enormous instruction bother
  • Its front is heavy
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You should buy it for its ultra bright fibre pin and tool-less micro adjustments.

5. HHA Optimizer Lite 5519

This black coloured sight is right for you as it allows you to see from 20 to 60 yards with increment of 5 yards.

Pros:HHA Optimizer best one pin sight

  • It has 1 5/8” sight housing
  • Its optics are fully protected with 5 metre long fibre
  • Its adjustments can be done without any tool
  • The size of its sight is 0.019”


  • Difficult to change sight settings while in use
  • Inadequate instruction to use

It can be the best one pin sight for you because of its fully protected sight with fibre.

Thus the information about some of the best one pin sights provided in this write-up can help you to buy the best one for you as per your requirements. You should compare their features also along with their prices while searching for the best sight within your budget.

Review of Some Of The Best One Pin Sight
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