5 reasons why every survivalist must have a bow and arrow

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Anyone who has an interest in primitive survival skills or modern urban way of survival should definitely consider getting a Compound Bow and learn how to use it efficiently. Having a bow in your arsenal to hunt with and defend yourself could make all the difference in a survival situation. Below we’ll go through six reasons you should own a bow. We’ll follow up with some tips on learning to shoot a bow and how to make it a critical piece of equipment worth stowing in your go-bag. 


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Arrows have evolved over the years. Modern arrows are usually made from carbon fiber, aluminum, fiberglass, and wood shafts. Arrows come in many types, among which are breasted, bob-tailed, barreled, clout, and target. Most new carbon fiber arrows are lightweight and have a tip that fits different screw-in tips.

Arrows are incredibly versatile, they can be used with the bow but also are applicable in other ways. Some arrows have hook tips and line for bow fishing. Arrows can be used as spears for fishing. They also -can be lashed and attached to bigger shafts for big game and self-defense. Bowstrings can also be used in various ways, the most obvious being trotline fishing.

Bowstrings are super strong and about 4 to six feet long. They can come in handy in a survival situation – used as bow drill for fire, for snares or traps, as cordage for shelter building or even as trotline for fishing. 

2. More loosely regulated than guns and bullets

Compound bow’s legal limitations are nowhere near as strict as guns. You do not need a license to own a compound bow. However, they are still considered as offensive weapons and should only be carried around with a lawful, proper, and adequate purpose. If you’re interested we suggest you check out our reviews of the best compound bow brands. 

3. Affordable

A good bow kit should only cost a couple of hundred bucks, and with proper maintenance, it could last a lifetime. The ammunition itself is cost-effective too. You should be able to retrieve your arrows after shooting and reuse them repeatedly. With some practice and skills, you should also be able to create your own ammunition using wooden dowels or even natural-found wood and plant shafts.

4. Portable

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Compared to guns and bullets, this portable weapon is lightweight and functional. It can help the user to keep himself alive in an urban setting or in a bush while being compact and enduring.
Bow and arrows are now available in such designs that it comes apart in 3 pieces, there are often called takedown bows. This makes it very portable and you can load this weapon in your survival pack. 

5. Inaudible Weapon

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It’s always good to have a weapon that is silent yet deadly. They are long-range weapons and very effective for both hunting and self-defense without revealing your position or calling attention to yourself.

Skills that stick

The Bow and Arrow’s efficiency depends on the skill, not the equipment. It is a weapon that carries a certain amount of respect. The skill stays with you no matter what happens. And with some practice, you can learn to shoot quickly, in rapid succession, and from nearly any position. If you haven’t seen Lars Anderson’s speed shooting videos, we suggest taking a minute to watch so you realize how powerful mastering a bow can be!

Even if your bow is damaged or broken in a survival situation or stolen, you can make a bow from a hickory sapling using only a knife and some cordage, and use some branches to fashion the arrows. Making a bow and arrow in the bush is definitely an option. However, it will be useless if you don’t know how to shoot it. It’s better to be prepared for the unexpected. Get the skills now to save it for later.

Let’s then learn some tips on how you can use this fantastic weapon proficiently.

Tips on Bow Hunting:

  • During your hunting mode, the first thing to find is the source of food for the prey. If you know where the carrots are, the rabbit will be there on time.  Using your imagination can be helpful in such a situation.  
  • Bow sights can keep you on target and make sure you hit that critical shot. We like single pin bow sights because they’re durable and unlikely to break in the field. 
  • Using a bow stabilizer can also make the world of difference for new archers. They’ll help keep your rig steady through your release which will make you more accurate. This is especially true as you start shooting longer distances and can make a big difference with targets beyond 40 yards.
  • Speed is an important component of shooting. Think that you are in a real hunting situation and don’t allow more than 4 to 5 seconds settling the pin and shooting the target. You won’t always be able to take your time to take a shot. 
  • Practice holding a full draw for as long as possible.  Try doing the “blind shooting technique”, it’s basically shooting arrows quickly and intuitively in order to build muscle memory and to prepare your mind for acting instinctively, hence avoiding that adrenaline rush that appears when an opportunity presents itself.
  • Look for where the game is! Be versatile, regardless of the extra effort needed. Sometimes you must climb trees, hide behind the bushes, but all these will pay off. 

I’m sure this will help you as a survivalist, enjoy life and happy hunting!

Barnett Recruit Compound Crossbow Review

Barnett Outdoors is a well-known manufacturer of archery and crossbow products. The company makes sure to satisfy the needs of all different types of customers – beginners, advanced archers, those who are on a budget, and those who have a few extra bucks to spare. One of their most popular (and affordable) products is the Barnett Recruit Compound Crossbow, a small yet powerful crossbow ideal for small-framed hunters.

The Barnett Recruit Terrain crossbow is an excellent choice for beginners. This compound crossbow is very accurate and has a lot of power. Despite the fact that the crossbow weighs only 6.4 lbs, the weight doesn’t compromise its power. With 400-grain bolts, you can expect about 96.7 ft/lbs of kinetic energy, whereas 380-grain bolts grant about 81.9 ft/lbs, which is enough for a good shot from a distance of 30-40 yards. And, the speed (330 FPS) is more than enough to make sure that you hit your target. In addition, the draw weight is only 140 lbs.

Barnett Recruit Compound Crossbow Package, Black

Who is the Barnett Recruit Compound Crossbow great for?

  • This Barnett crossbow was made for people with a small frame. Its small size and lightweight make it very easy to maneuver this crossbow around. In addition, it is very easy to cock.
  • The crossbow is perhaps the optimal choice for beginners since it allows the user to start hunting without breaking the bank.
  • Of course, Barnett Recruit Terrain crossbow can also be used by those who are larger in size. The only problem is that aiming the crossbow might feel a bit awkward. However, a stock extension can always be made.
  • In addition, this crossbow is a perfect choice for those who are on a budget but still would like to own a good-quality crossbow.

Barnett Recruit Features

An Advanced Compound Bow

Barnett Recruit Terrain crossbow is actually a compound bow. This means that it requires less strength to cock when compared to other types of crossbows. The tension on the strings of a recurve bow makes it more difficult to pull them. On the other hand, the pulley system of a compound crossbow creates a lift-off point where cocking the string gets easier eventually. This makes the Recruit Terrain perfect for small-sized hunters, beginners, and youth.

Anti-Vibration Foot Stirrup

The stirrup tends to vibrate after the bolt is released due to the pressure and tension the string creates. An anti-vibration stirrup ensures that a hunter keeps a steady aim even after multiple shots. This way, you can stalk your prey for longer periods of time. In addition, the shock absorption greatly reduces the stress placed on the shoulder allowing the hunter to keep the aim aligned for quite a while.

Safety Features

Since Barnett intended this crossbow to be used by beginners, it comes with plenty of safety features. The crossbow includes an anti-dry fire system which prevents it from firing when the string is pulled back. This allows the user to safely place the bolt on the flight track. This feature doesn’t only protect the user but also the bow since firing without a bolt can be damaging to the string.

In addition, the crossbow comes with a pass-through foregrip. This provides enough distance from where the user holds it to the flight track making sure that the user’s fingers never get hit by the string.

Bolts & Scope

Barnett Recruit Terrain only ships with a red dot scope. The scope is durable, sights in easily, but it is not the greatest when it comes to long-range shooting.

This crossbow comes with three 20” carbon arrows which are great for target practice. Any 20” arrows will work well with this bow and scope. The manufacturer recommends using 400-grain arrows. However, even 425-grain arrows can still be used and shot at around 320 FPS.

Barnett Recruit Pros

  • A versatile and adaptable crossbow which can be purchased at a relatively inexpensive price. The price puts it in the entry-level range, but its performance is advanced.
  • Assembly is quick and easy.
  • The bow is beginner-friendly and very easy to use. However, the beginner features do not make it less suitable for advanced users.
  • The crossbow is made out of aluminum, making it very durable yet lightweight.
  • Comes with a rope cocking device.
  • The manufacturer offers a warranty for all its products.

Barnett Recruit Cons

  • Includes only a red dot sight.
  • Optics is a weak point of this crossbow and upgrading the lenses is recommended.
  • Doesn’t include a sling or a case.
  • Large-framed people might find using this crossbow a bit awkward.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does The Barnett Recruit Terrain Come With A Warranty?

Yes, it does. Barnett offers a 3-year standard warranty on all of their products.

Can This Crossbow Be Used to Kill Small Game?

Yes, it can. The crossbow is powerful enough to kill small game from a distance of up to 50 yards.

Can A Left-Handed Person Use This Crossbow?

Yes. Since the safety is double-sided, the crossbow can be operated from either side.

Can You Put a Sling on This Crossbow?

Yes, since the crossbow comes with installed studs.

How To Take The Safety Off?

In order to turn the safety on and off, all the user has to do cock it back.


The Barnett Recruiter Terrain is an exceptional crossbow for its price. Its quality and durability are definitely the most enticing features of this crossbow. The all-aluminum build and durable strings are very reliable and will not break in the middle of the hunting trip. This combination makes Barnett Recruiter a very powerful crossbow capable of reaching high speed and great power.

The beginner-friendly features and lightweight design are quite useful for beginners and novices allowing them to build up their strength and skill until they are ready to move on to more advanced crossbows. In addition, the crank cocking device is very helpful since it allows small-sized persons to cock the bow with ease. Of course, this crossbow can also be used by more advanced hunters. And, the greatest thing about the Barnett Recruiter is that it comes at an affordable price.

Best Compound Bow For Beginners

How to choose a compound bow for beginners

1. Choose a composite bow for beginners

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There are many things to consider when you are a beginner. The options are many and varied. You will need to know things such as the length and weight of the draw, shape, and maybe color. A beginner’s bow is never as robust as the bow of a seasoned veteran with years of experience. As the old saying goes, “You have to learn to crawl before you can walk.” When you are just starting out, you will need to learn the skills of the experts.

2. Beginner drawing length for a composite bow

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Like shoes that do not fit or food that tastes bad, a beginner may lose interest in archery or shooting for sport and food when the bow is the wrong size and does not fit. The exact and perfect length of the drawing is a critical decision to make. This will depend on the size of the person. To find this length, stretch both arms out to their sides. This will be your wingspan. Have someone measure from the longest tip of your left hand to the longest yolk of your right hand, and it will probably be the middle finger. This measurement determines the length of your drawing.

If its wingspan is 61 inches, its ideal draw length is 23 inches. When your wing wings increase, your stretch length will grow by half an inch. In other words, when its wingspan increases to 65 inches, its draw length will now be 25 inches. Adjustable draw lengths are available for fast-growing young people learning to shoot. This method will help with the budget as well.

Its wingspan should be in the range 2.5 times larger than the length of the drawing itself.

3. Beginners draw the weight for a composite bow

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Young beginners might think they are as strong as an ox, but they are not. Older people might have the edge of strength though. The weight of the draw for students is 75% of their strength.

When a bow is too strong and heavy, the rookie will tire very fast. When you’re tired, you do not want to mow the lawn or stick with your bow training.

For a shooting day or weekend, the new archer needs to be fit and have an arch without too much weight. It is not so important in the beginning to have the bow shoot with the superman’s extreme power.

The day will come when the new hunter will be stronger to realize the extreme power when using a bow with a heavier weight.

Nothing beats a failure but a try so keeps on with the young so they will love the sport and the excitement it brings. My dad taught me, and I was a skinny girl, tall and scruffy! Climbing a tree and sitting on the tree stand for deer is easy now that I am stronger and older.

A beginner would be better off using a 15-pound weight stretch if he or she is less than 70 pounds. With a weight of 70 to 100 pounds, a beginner can go for 25 pounds of drawing weight and no more.

At 100 to 130 pounds, a young or female of the same frame and weight can use 35 pounds of stretch weight. It raises 5 pounds forever increase in weight of 30 pounds. For a large man, 75 to 80 pounds of traction weight is sufficient upper end.

4. Bow length composed of beginner

Bow length is another important consideration for beginners. It is based on the size of the child and what can be handled comfortably and functionally, not on the height of the child. Have the child take a stab at different lengths to see how he feels and fits. Measure the distance between the axles where it will typically be 30 or 32 inches.

5. Speed for the beginner

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Beginners will have to know the speed of the bow for the displacement of the arrow. Arc speed is measured in FPS (feet per second). The weight of the draw determines the FPS. The greater the number of stretching weight, the faster the arc will travel due to the release force.

The arrow will fly faster to the eye of the bull, or the bull elk when the FPS is higher. Beginners will usually have a light draw weight, so they should not be too disappointed in the slower FPS.

When you purchase an adjustable bow, you can increase the weight of the draw as necessary for the new shooter. It takes some time to get accustomed to this new discipline.

Young people need to try good habits from their expert coaches. The latest innovative bows have 350 FPS and that’s a lot of power for a youngster to handle.

6. Noise

Arc speed creates sound. You do not want to scare and scare the wildlife you are hunting. You might wonder what causes the sound. It is the residual vibration after the arrow is gone. Add vibration dampers to your bows to reduce the sound so you do not scare the meat for dinner.

7. Bows naked or ready to fire

As an experienced archer, you will find your bow composite and accessorize to the grip, while beginners may not have a clue. It depends on the beginner, and the parents advise and guide.

The bare arches are bare of the remains of the arrow, the looks, the quiver, and the noise buffers that are equipped in the bows that come ready to shoot. The barebow needs time and thought to get it right.

8. Launching Beginners for Composite Bows

Image result for Launching Beginners for Composite Bows

Effective and real let-off beginners can not consider leaving until the first shot is triggered. The let-off is a way to reduce the amount of user force to back off when the bow is released. This allows the bow to be comfortable for a beginner to shoot.

Experienced archers will know that the let-off of about 75% or more is common for specific bows. However, a bow with a weight of 70 pounds of stretch, you will need only 17 pounds of the tie when the bow has 75% off.

With the let-off coming down, the beginner can fire a more powerful bow without being exhausted after a few shots. The goalkeeper can take more time aiming with greater let-off does not refer to quick shots.

9. Length of the axis to axis and weight of the bow

The true length of an arc is the distance from the axis to the axis. Do not measure beyond the axes. These areas do not affect drawing and releasing the rope.

The most recent compound bows today are about 32 inches preferred by experienced hunters. They fit well in tight places. Longer 36-inch bows are used for competition shooting.

Young people are more comfortable with 25 to 30 inches, as young people are smaller and smaller and shorter are better for stands.

How to shoot a compound bow for beginners

Frequently Asked Questions

What draws weight bow should a beginner buy?

The draw weight should be relatively low for the following reasons:

By shooting with a low draw weight crossbow the learning process becomes easier because you develop the motor skills. You will not be able to concentrate and learn the proper shooting form with a heavy draw weight bow. You will be able to make more repetitions so you will build your muscles’ memory making the shooting much easier. It is easier to get injured by using a heavy draw weight than a lower draw weight which will put you out of action and will stop your progress.

What is a good compound bow brace height for beginners?

Beginners should buy taller brace height bows because they do not need as much accuracy and skill as the ones with short brace height. You might lose a bit in power and speed but you will gain a lot in the long run. Make sure to check the let-off percentage for beginners, the let-off percentage chosen by a beginner should be as high as possible. This will make him able to hold the drawn bow longer and be more focused on learning how to shoot. Also all the reasons for buying a low weight bow apply for let off percentage too.

Best Single Pin Bow Sight For Hunting

Single pin bow sights are rather simple regarding performance and durability which is what makes them great. They’ll keep you on target without breaking in the field. You can find various types of pin sights in the market. Finding the best single pin bow sight can be tough, which is why we reviewed our favorites to make your decision easier! If you’re interested in seeing what else is out there, we recommend checking out our review of best compound bow sights which covers 3 and 5 pin models.

Best-One Pin Bow Sight

Spot Hogg Hogg Father Bow Sight

I have been trying for years to look for the best single pin bow sight to no avail. Most of the models disappointed me due to poor reliability and not being easy to manage.

But when I landed into this moveable Spot Hogg bow sight, I started my hunting with much ease. In fact, I call it the “Mother of all Hogg’s.” It shares charismatic features that attracted me to try and see.

Without a doubt, I was glad to add a plus every day instead of a minus. The bow works efficiently with perfect precision and provides a deadly combination when bowhunting.

Image result for Spot Hogg Hogg Father Bow Sight


  • It comes with a well-designed travel case for utmost protection
  • Features quick-release dovetail that enhances long extensions
  • Installed Yardage or Bull Knob wheel is sizable which makes it easier to hold and rotate
  • The bomb-proof construction provides this bow with adequate precision
  • It comes with unique vertical adjustment than other models
  • Spot Hogg has incorporated a drive and clamping screw on the pointer which helps to tighten up the set screws
  • Supports second and thirst axis capabilities and comes with 1-7 pins

Verdict: Expect to get a super and “father-like” protection that is built to last with this best bow sight by Spot Hogg. It is accurate, robust, reliable and dependable.

For a moveable pin sight, it is a smart investment has no doubt that this site will give me a sufficient lifespan.

Best Bow Sight for Treestands

Truglo Pendulum Adjustable Bracket 1-Pin Sight

If you are a tree stand shooter lover, you can never go wrong with this pendulum technology bow sight. You can easily shoot up to 35 yards and easy to adjust.

Considering that other bow sight models are quite noisy, this bow sight is soundless. You are also guaranteed to focus more on your aiming techniques, thanks to the adjustable brackets 0.019” pin,(I call it a 2-in-1 bow sight).

Purely made out of aluminum hence making it withstand rust. You can easily tune this bow sight depending on your preference: either left or right.

Image result for Truglo Pendulum Adjustable Bracket 1-Pin Sight


  • It can easily be locked for ground shooting
  • Easily adjustable for right and left-hand shooter
  • Includes a wrapped fiber for additional protection
  • Use the pre-printed Yardage tapes TG701 only
  • Provide violet rheostat LED, 1.8” Aperture diameter
  • Fiber optic cable included


  • Does not work in wet to freezing condition
  • More complicated for those not shooting from treestands

Verdict: The high-quality rheostat light feature makes work easier for you since you won’t purchase any light batteries. The glow in the dark shooter’s ring is what every hunter enthusiasts need to quench the hunting thirst. Allow me to say to you that this bow is one of the accurate and most advanced pendulum sights. That is one of the reasons why I have decided to review it.

Best Movable Bow Sight

HHA Sports Optimizer Light 0L-5019

HHA Sports Optimizer Light is a single-pin sight that features the Blue Burst Light and lens kit. You can easily adjust the level arm since it weighs about 8oz.

Not to mention that it comes with a mounting bracket which helps the sight to be set in the right position and height. The housing bracket is quite firm hence eliminating the room for screw play.

All adjustments are made with the help of the Totally Toolness System, which is considered a welcoming future if you always use hex set handy to fix.

Image result for HHA Sports Optimizer Light 0L-5019


  • Adjustable pins for hunting
  • Rheostat adjustment for maximum light or less light of the fiber optic pin
  • You can quickly change the brightness of the pin with this sight
  • It is easy to use and works as expected
  • Comes with Ultra Tapes which are marked for every yard (other sight models tapes are marked for every five yards)
  • Armor Pin Technology provides this sight with a rigid fiber housing hence protecting it from further damage
  • It is well designed with aluminum and an anti-glare coating

Verdict:  The sight for this bow is stable enough to tackle the hunting environment. Forget about tightening up the screws due to rattling or loosening.

Setting up is easy as compared to other models. Included sight tapes are easy to manage and deliver an accurate performance. Overall: It is an outstanding sight, lightweight and gives great accuracy.

The best left-handed bow sight

HHA Sports Optimizer Lite Ultra DS-5519 LH

It is a new left-hand bow sight that comes with unique features. I can’t resist a lifetime warranty and green sight ring that exclusively provides you with optimum leveling. It is advised to install the sight at the desired level since it could later affect your arrow clearance.

One immediate thing that draws me closer to this best bow sight is the ability to sight it first in 20 yards and then later at 60 yards. Also, remember to make small adjustments till you reach 60 yards, especially if you don’t have a clue on how to approximate your 20 and 60 pins.

Image result for HHA Sports Optimizer Lite Ultra DS-5519 LH


  • Single pin allows you to have maximum focus without any distractions
  • Has a 4x lens which helps you to improve your target
  • 019 pin
  • Features a rheostat feature that lets you tune the pin brightness
  • Fiber Optic Length 3 to 6”

Verdict:  You can easily adjust this bow sight to suit your preferences. Not to mention this HHA Optimizer Lite has overall quality craftsmanship, well-performing single pins, and solid construction. But if you want to shoot to over 120 or more yards, try a more improved sight like HHA Optimizer King Pin. This site is on the higher end, but if you utilize it correctly you will experience the tightest grouping ever. And don’t worry – they make a right-handed model too!

Honorable mentions – Apex Gear Covert 1-Pin Sight

The Apex Gear Covert 1-Pin Sight is the best on the market. It’s sleek, well built, and has held up to repeated use in the field without ever having an issue. And with its wide aperture and both horizontal and vertical tilt adjustments, it’s easy to use for multiple bows.

Image result for Honorable mentions – Apex Gear Covert 1-Pin Sight


  • It contains Micro-adjustable elevation and windage feature
  • Its scope housing can be aligned to peep as its shooter ring glows in the dark
  • The location of its rear-facing yardage tape can be seen easily
  • It’s aluminum construction is precisely machined


  • Price – it’s one of the more expensive models
  • Color – more of a preference, but we’re not a fan of the bright orange ring

HHA DS-XL5010 Optimizer Lite Ultra Site

This HHA site single pin sight is one of the best due to its ultra-lightweight. CNC machine crafted out of aluminum and made in the USA, HHA stands by their work with a lifetime warranty.

Image result for HHA DS-XL5010 Optimizer Lite Ultra Site


  • It is supported with 100% warranty for the lifetime
  • It’s aluminum construction is CNC machined
  • It can be used by 3D shooters and bowhunters
  • .010 pin and green sight ring


  • No mounting hardware
  • Direct message feature is missing

Trophy Ridge React-One Bow Sight

It is the best one pin sight for use by both right and left-handed shooters.

Image result for Trophy Ridge React-One Bow Sight


  • It is completely constructed in aluminum
  • Its micro-adjustment does not need any tool
  • Its pin is made of ultra-bright fiber
  • Its pin contains a rheostat light
  • It can be used for fast targeting up to 20 yards
  • It is provided with yardage stickers from 20 to 100 yards
  • Sight level and rheostat light are its other important features


  • There are better sights on the market for those who only shoot right-handed
  • Difficult to find – with .10 and .19 pins, and left and right-handed models, finding the perfect combination might be difficult

Best Day Hunting Pack Your Way To Success

These days, the market is saturated with various backpacks, from most expensive to the cheapest, and from highest quality to the lowest capacity. This review of the best day hunting backs will guide you into making the right choice, read on!

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Recurve Bow Hunting Guide

So if you are thinking of going for hunting with a recurve bow but not have one or you want to replace your existing check our guide bellow to find which the best recurve bow for hunting is.

Before we present you our top 5 of hunting bows we must first examine what makes the best recurve bow for hunting. It is well known among st experienced archers that the best hunting bows can also be used for target shooting but the opposite does not apply.

Best Compound Bow-AW Pro Compound Bow Kit Archery Set

Recurve Bow Hunting Guide

Find out which is the best recurve bow. You should understand that when you go for hunting with a recurve bow you are going to kill an animal. This animal is going to be probably a big one so you cannot afford to have a bow that won’t be strong enough to shoot it but not kill it or make a sound just before you shoot and make the animal run away. So here are some of the basic characteristics a hunting recurve bow should have.

Specifications of Hunting bows Draw Weight

You should choose a bow with as much as draw weight you can handle with a minimum of 40 lbs.
When you go for hunting with a recurve bow you will shoot an animal with thick skin from a long distance so you want your arrow to have the power to travel far and fast something that will not be achievable with a bow with a draw weight less than 40lbs.
Also you should have a bow of more than 40 lbs. for your own safety.
Yea you have read right for your own safety.
You will not shoot targets you will shoot wild animals that react on primal instincts and if you shoot them with a weak shot just scratch them and not kill them there is a big opportunity that they will attack you.
As a beginner hunter you might find it difficult to shoot with a bow of 40lbs. but don’t be ashamed. It is something really normal, you can go to an archery range for a while to shoot some targets and power up your back muscles. Then you will be able to go to the woods for some real action.


Another important element your bow need to have is to be quiet.
As you probably already know animals have developed their sense of hearing a lot more than humans. Now imagine how easy is for them to hear the vibration of your bow in the quietness of the woods.

Best Compound Bow Review and Guide
It can be really frustrating to wait for an animal an hour or two and when you have the perfect shot to miss it because your bow made a sound that the animal heard it and run away.
You have to check that your arrow will not make any weird noises neither when you load it nor when you release the arrow and vibrates.
Even if you have released the arrow if the bow makes a noise the animal will be able to run away.
In our top 10 list all the bows are really quiet but if you already own one and you don’t want to change it there are certain accessories that will make your arrow quieter.
So before you go to your next recurve bow hunting keep in mind that silence is your ally.

Bow Weight

  • When you go in the woods looking for your next pray you will walk… a lot because wild animals will not be anywhere near to where you have parked your car.
  • You also know that hunting takes time and you will probably have to carry with you some water, food a first aid kit (if you didn’t took one consider it seriously) and of course your bow.
  • So it makes perfect sense that a hunting bow has to be really light.
  • Ease of Transfer Usually recurve bows are at least 60’’ which makes it a bit difficult to transfer them even in the car
  • So our opinion is that the best bow for hunting has to be a takedown bow.
  • If you are not familiar with the term a takedown bow is a bow that folds and usually comes with a case for easier transfer.
  • It is better to buy a takedown bow for your convenience but also for your bow’s safety, accidents happen and especially if you are walking at a terrain with rocks mud and other elements makes it even easier to slip and damage or even break your bow.

Top 10 Hunting Bows

  • Having all the above factors in mind we chose the top five bows that fill these standards.
  • Best Hunting BowBear 58″ Grizzly Recurve.
  • If you are an experience hunter you should have seen it coming… of course the best hunting bow is a Bear model.
  • Bear being one of the historic brands in the archery field continues to offer great quality products especially when it comes at hunting.
  • But let’s see what’s making this bow the best.


  • Accurate
  • Durable
  • Easy To Adjust
  • Easy To Draw
  • Easy To Handle
  • Powerful

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Best Compound Bow Reviews

What is the best compound bow for hunting? What is the best compound bow for target practice? What about the best youth compound bow? These are common questions when you’re shopping for a compound bow, either for yourself or someone you love.

There are a lot of different factors to consider when it comes to buying a bow. This guide covers the best overall compound bow for those with some experience and who are willing to invest in a bow that will last a few seasons. If you’re looking for the best deal on a bow check out our guide on the best compound bow for the money. New to archery? We recommend our guide to the best compound bows for beginners.

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Compound Bow Maintenance

Compound bow parts list, and tips for compound bow maintenance.

Image result for compound bow maintenance

It is crucial to know the compound bow parts when you own one. This will make you understand better how a compound arrow works and change a part of it if needed.

List of compound bow parts Arrow rest

Arrow rest is located on the arrow shelf and its work is pretty self-explanatory, it supports and holds the arrow in position while you are aiming with your bow.

There are three basic types of arrow rest

A compound bows’ arrow shelf is a shelf located just above the grid it also supports the arrow when aiming and protects the hand on the grip from accidental injuries.
This is the place where arrow rest will be hooked up.

Berger hole

  • Berger hole is the hole on the arrow shelf where the arrow rest will be attached.
  • It is a very important part of the bow as it is the reference point for centering a bow.

Bow sling 

  • Bow sling’s work is to make sure that the archers will not drop the bow after the shot.
  • It should be attached to the tandem along with the stabilizer.
  • It essentially surrounds the shooter’s hand when it is on the grid.
  • It is crucial to install the bow sling loosely to prevent undesirable torque after the shot is fired.
Image result for compound bow arrow parts


  • The bowstring is the string you pull when you shoot a bow.
  • It is attached to the cams at a 2 cam bow.
  • To make your bowstring more durable you can rub it with wax when you do your compound bow maintenance.


  • Broadhead or arrowhead is the steel part on the edge of an arrow.
  • There are two types of broadheads.
  • The fixed head usually consist of 4 blades that remain stagnant.
  • The mechanical ones stay stagnant through the flight but after they hit the target they will “open” in several ways.


In a two cam bow, cables are attached to the two cams and work along with them during the shooting process.

Cable guard

  • The cable guard is located on the riser sometimes on the lower half but at the majority of the times in the upper half.
  • The function of the cable guard is to keep the cables away from the line of fire after the arrow is shot.
  • Cable rod
  • A cable rod is a reinstatement of the cable guard.
  • It is incorporated at the newest bows.
  • It does the same work as the cable guard and also provides a smoother draw.

Cable slide

Cable slide is made of plastic and makes the same work as the cable guard and the cable rod.


  • Cam(s) is the round part of a bow that is attached to the limbs.
  • The cam’s function is to transfer the power from the limbs of a bow to the bowstring and to the arrow.
  • There are bows with either two cams or one cam.

At Those with one the cam is placed at the bottom limb of the bow and at the upper limb is attached an idler wheel.

Image result for compound bow arrow parts


D-loop is a piece of cord tied with two knots on the bowstring it encircles the arrow and is used in order to help the shooter to draw the string precisely behind the arrow.


Fletchings are the feathers or plastic substitutes attached at the back end of an arrow and they assist the arrow to achieve the desired balance whilst on air.
Big fletchings cut to reduce the arrow’s speed (used for bird hunting) while smaller fletchings can boost the speed of the arrow.


The grip is located on the riser and is the part that the shooter holds when shoots.
It is removable so the shooter can replace it with the desired one for maximum comfort.


Limbs are highly flexible planks fixed to the riser, they additionally have the cam system and the idle wheel are attached to them.
As a result of their flexibility, they store the kinetic energy when bent and after they are released they transfer that energy to make the shot possible.
The limbs could have different weights like 50lbs. – 60lbs. or 70lbs. – 80lbs. etc. the weight of the limbs should be decided from a variety of factors, they are detachable and can be easily replaced.


Nock is a piece made from plastic inserted to the back of an arrow to assist it to attach at the bowstring.

Image result for compound bow arrow parts

Nocking point

Nocking point is the position where the arrow should be attached for the shot.
It should usually form a 90’ ankle between the bowstring and the arrow.

Peep Sight

The peep sight is a round, plastic device added in-between the strands on the bowstring to help the shooter align.
The peep sight helps the shooter to make a more accurate and consistent shoot.


Quiver is the part of a compound bow that holds the arrows for the shooter it can be attached on the bow or not. Before you buy a quiver you should consider how many arrows you want to carry with you, the type of the field you will carry your bow to and the type of arrowheads that you will use.


The riser is the core of the bow. It is the central section of it usually manufactured from machined aluminum is additionally the part of the bow where the limbs are attached.
A longer a riser offers more stability at full draw.


Sight is the part of the bow that the shooter will aim through, it is attached to the riser just over the arrow shelf. They can contain:

Silencing Aids

They can be installed on a compound bow as an add-on in order to absorb the vibration after a shot and make the bow much quieter.
They can be placed on different parts of a bow like a riser, limbs, bowstring, cables.


Stabilizers are doing essentially the same work as the silencing aids absorbing the vibration and making the bow quieter. They are screwed on the front side of the riser just under the grip.

Compound Bow Tuning
If you don’t know how to tune a compound bow you should immediately learn as it is vital to tune your bow once in a while to keep having the desired performance.
The most common way of tuning a compound bow is to paper tune it. Paper tuning is when the archer shoots through a paper and then examines the hole on the paper to understand how he needs to tune his bow.
How to do it.
Cut a piece from a cardboard box.
Take a sheet of paper and attach it at the front of the cardboard piece
Take a distance of 6 feet and shoot it.
After you have shot it, take the paper and examine the hole using the pictures below to find out what your bow needs to have fixed.

Best Recurve Bow Reviews 2018

Archery bows, today are available in a wide variety of styles and are used for equally as many different reasons. When you set out to choose the best recurve for sale, and as you read these recurve bow reviews, you should ask yourself a few questions:

  • What is my budget?
  • Buy a recurve bow or a compound bow?
  • How will I use it?
  • Weight of the bow?

Best Recurve Bow Comparison Guide 2018

Shooting a bow can be entertaining as well as productive. You can enjoy it simply for the pure sport of it, or you can hunt game for food. Shooting a bow for sport should be enjoyable. Following simple suggestions can help ensure that it is.

5 Best Recurve Bows Overall

Samick Sage
3 pounds29"62"4.6 out of 5 stars
Spyder Takedown
20 lb28"62"4.6 out of 5 stars
Crosman Archery
20 lb25" 45"3.6 out of 5 stars
SAS Courage
1.4 pounds30"60"4.5 out of 5 stars
SAS Spirit
2.5 pounds24"62"4.4 out of 5 stars

If you choose to hunt, there are rules to follow that you must adhere to. Making sure to do this will keep the sport of hunting enjoyable for you, as well. If you choose one of these or you choose both, knowing which recurve bow is best for you is an important factor.

The Longbow

With the longbow, there are three choices of what type you want to use. These three types are:

Stick bow Rectangular cross-section laminate Bowflex/Deflex longbow – The stick bow is pretty basic. It consists of a piece of wood with cross-section limbs. These are the bows that hunters began bow hunting with. They date back in history to the very beginning of hunting.
The rectangular cross-section laminate bow has different layers positioned according to the material’s properties. This bow is faster, lighter, and more durable. It allows you the speed you need when aiming at your target. Because of its lightweight, it can be more comfortable, as well.
The reflex/deflex longbow crosses between a longbow and a recurve bow. They are fast, durable, and have little vibration. Because of the cross between the two bows, this is probably one of the better choices. It has the best of both worlds, in a sense.

The Recurve Bow

Image result for The Recurve Bow

These bows are more modern and allow you to achieve greater arrow speeds with less of a bow. Modern bows are usually made up of laminate. On a longbow, you have two points of contact between the end loops of the string and the limb. In a recurve bow, the string touches the limb at each end, and the end loops are pulled ahead of the string. This allows for fewer vibrations and faster arrow speeds with a recurve bow.
There are three types of recurve bows.

They are:

Basic recurve bowTake-down recurve bow, Composite recurve bow, Basic Recurve Bow

The basic recurve bow is made of laminate wood with opposing grains glued together for the shape of the bow. This form of the bow is a simple, straight bow, used for many generations.
The takedown recurve bow can be taken apart for easier transport and storage. This works well if you are traveling from one place to another. It is also compact for storage so it doesn’t require as much space.
The composite bow is the oldest of the recurve bows. It is made from horn, wood, and sinew laminated together. The strength is similar to wood bows. These bows are more sensitive to moisture.

Deciding How You Will Use Your Recurve Bow

Deciding what you will be using you bow for makes a difference in choosing the right bow. You may want to use your bow for recreational purposes or you may want to hunt game for food. Still, others may want to hunt for the sport of it. Whatever the case may be, there are basically two reasons to use a bow: target practice and hunting.

1. Target practice

If you are wanting to shoot a bow simply for entertainment and target practice, most bows will work. Choose one according to your draw weight and length. Make sure the bow is comfortable for you. Try not to get too complicated when choosing the bow. You may think that a larger, heavier bow means you will be a better archer, but that is not the case at all. If you don’t adhere to the weight and length standards, you could be setting yourself up for a long, hard day.

2. Hunting

If you choose to hunt with your bow, it is important to determine your draw weight. Choose a bow with a draw weight of at least 40 pounds. Beginners should check first with a professional to see if they are able to handle 40 pounds. It is a good idea for beginners to target practice until they are able to do this. Only after this is achieved should they begin hunting. Your muscle mass has nothing to do with what draw weight you should have. You also want to make sure that your arrow will hit the target and stick. It is no good if it just nicks the target and falls to the ground.

Choosing a Best Take-down Recurve Bow

Image result for Best Take-down Recurve Bow

As mentioned before, a take-down recurve bow can be disassembled for easier transport and storage. This is also convenient because if a part breaks, you don’t have to send in the entire bow for repairs. You can just send in the part that is damaged and keep the rest of the bow with you. This also keeps costs down on shipping the part to the dealer because shipping is figured by the weight of the product to be shipped. This means more money in your pocket. Who doesn’t want that?
Take-down bows are good for beginners because you can adjust your draw weight. When you are no longer a beginner and can change your draw weight, you don’t have to buy a new bow. You will just need to purchase a new set of limbs. Again, this means more money in your pocket. That should make you smile.

The Weight of the Recurve Bow

The main thing to think about when deciding the weight of the bow is the comfort you have. You should determine how it feels to hold the bow as well as shooting the bow. How does it feel when you pull the strings back?
There are other considerations, as well. A bow that is too heavy can cause an injury. Your rotator cuff can be damaged, which is a painful injury. You also want to be comfortable because if you aren’t, the fun is gone and your recreation time turns into a lot of work. You work enough at your job each day. Don’t add more work on yourself.

The Length of the Recurve Bow

The best thing to do regarding the length of your recurve bow is to try it out and see how it feels. Pull it back and test it. You will want a bow that is at least twice as long as your draw length. The longer it is, the more accurate it will be, and you are more likely to hit your target.

Selecting the Right Composite Bow for You

Image result for Composite Bow

There are many factors that should be taken into consideration when deciding which composite bow is just the right one. Taking time to determine these things will ensure the proper bow. To make this decision, you will need to determine:

Bow weight

Draw lengthDraw weightRiser qualityLimb quality and weightBow length

These factors should be studied and figured carefully to ensure safety and enjoyment. Let’s break these down so you can have a better understanding of each.

Bow Weight

The best way to know your bow weight is to actually test several bows if they are available. Most businesses should let you test them out, and a representative can help. If you have a friend or family member who has a bow, try it out and see how it feels. This should give you an idea of what to or not to purchase. The business where you choose to purchase your bow will have a representative to help you. They should also have a chart available that will help configure the weight of the bow you will need.

Draw Length

The draw length is the distance you draw the string back to the anchor point. This will be the point where you will be releasing your arrow. To determine your draw length, stretch your arms out to the sides and have your palms facing forward.
Have someone measure from the tip of one middle finger to the tip of the other. Divide this number by 2.5 and you will know your draw length. This will be important for buying your bow as well as your arrows.
There is a thought that your draw length can be determined by your height. While your height may, in fact, be the same as your draw length, it is best to measure to ensure that you have the proper length. This can be a fun sport but can also be a dangerous one if the proper precautions are not taken.

Draw Weight

Your draw weight is the amount of force it takes to draw the bow to a set distance. It is best to choose a draw weight that utilizes about 75 percent of your strength. A bow that is too heavy causes you to work too hard. A bow that is too light may not give you the speed and accuracy you need.
States have different requirements on your draw weight, as well. Always check your state regulations because not all states are the same. As withdraw length, the business where you choose to purchase from should have a chart to help determine the draw weight, and a representative should help you with figuring this out.

Riser Quality

The riser is the center of your recurve bow. You should choose a bow with a riser that has a comfortable grip and little vibration when releasing the strings. Brass brushings should be included on the riser. This allows you to add additional accessories.

Make sure that the material used to make the riser is hardwood or aluminum because these products last longer and have a lighter weight.

Limb Quality and Weight

Fiberglass is the best material for your limbs to be made of. The quality of fiberglass can’t be beat when it comes to your recurve bow. The bow will be less likely to bend and break. Fiberglass is also lightweight for easier handling. This will make it easier on you and you will enjoy it more.

Bow Length

Most recurve bows come in lengths of 58, 60, and 62 inches. Determine your draw length first. The longer your draw length, the longer your bow should be. For example, if you have a draw length of fewer than 28 inches, you should use a bow that is about 58 inches. If your draw length is more than 29 inches, a 62-inch bow is probably best for you.
It is always best to try out the bow. You may need a 58 inch or you may need a 60-inch bow. Get a feel for it and pull the strings. Check out all of the aspects of using your bow before determining the length you will need.

Accessories for Your Recurve Bow

Image result for Accessories for Your Recurve Bow

Some recurve bows come pre-drilled for adding accessories. There are some accessories that you will need before you can begin to use your bow. There are also accessories that you can purchase to help, but they aren’t necessarily needed to begin.

Accessories Needed Before You Begin

1. Bow stringer – This is the only way to safely string a bow. Older methods used by past generations can be dangerous. If you try to string the bow yourself, you can get a serious injury. Even if you receive a minor injury, that will take all of the fun out of your recurve bow. Think safety and purchase a bow stringer.
2. Arrows – Of course, you will need arrows to shoot, along with field tips. Field tips have a distinct shoulder so that if you miss a shot, they won’t become lodged in something like a tree stump. Have the technician help you determine which arrows are the right size for you. The size of the arrows is as equally important as the size of the bow.
3. Nocking Points – This allows you to always have a place on the string to nock your arrow. Nocking points protect you from cutting your hand and can also help to give you a consistent shoot. Safety and accuracy are the main things to remember.
4. Targets – You will want targets to practice with. Make sure you have something such as a hay bale or a block behind the target. This will stop your arrow from going straight through the target. If you don’t want to purchase blocks or don’t have hay bales, get creative. You can use anything that will be sufficient to stop the arrow. Make sure the arrow can be easily removed from the item. You don’t want to have your arrow stuck and not be able to remove it or have to break it to get it out.

Other Accessories That Are Recommended

There are other accessories that you can purchase to help with shooting your bow. You don’t necessarily have to have them, but it is recommended that you obtain them if you can. These also help with safety and also the life of your bow. These extra accessories are:

An arrow rest, Bowstring wax, Finger tabs A broadhead wrench An armguard

  • An arrow rest helps to guide the arrow to its destination. When aiming for a target, you want to get all the help that you can. This arrow rest helps to ensure that happens.
  • Bowstring wax keeps your strings lubricated so that they don’t snap. The wax also protects the strings from outdoor elements such as water. It is suggested that you wax your strings approximately every three to four weeks. Keeping them waxed will help them to last longer and not break.
  • Finger tabs are used to protect your fingers from blisters. Some finger tabs have spaces separating the index finger and the middle finger so that you don’t pinch the arrow. If you don’t want to purchase these, you can purchase a kit and make your own. Either way, blisters on your fingers hurt and can cause you to have to wait a while before shooting again.
  • If you are changing the arrow tip, a broad head wrench comes in handy. This will help to ensure that you don’t cut yourself. You won’t need one of these for field tips. Arrow tips, however, are very sharp. One slip and you will have a nasty cut. This tool helps keep that from happening.
  • An armguard helps to protect your arms from the bowstring as you release. It will help keep your shirt sleeves, hair and skin out of the line of fire. An arm guard is recommended until you are more of an expert with the bow. The damage to your arm from the bowstring can be painful. Protection against this is the best decision you can make.

Other Accessories That Can Be Purchased

There are optional items that aren’t particularly needed. If you are able to purchase these, however, they will help you with your recurve bow. These items include:
1. Sight
This helps to aim your arrow. This is a good idea for a beginner. You can use the sight to determine the exact location of where you want the arrow to go. Once this is determined, you aim and shoot. You are more likely to hit your target with the help of sight.
2. A quiver
This is a container used to hold your arrows. You can either purchase one that attaches to the bow or one to wear around the waist or shoulders. Sticking your arrows on the ground is not recommended. This is not good for the arrows. It is best if you can purchase one to have a quiver to hold them in. This also ensures the safety of anyone walking around that may not be aware that the arrows are there.
3. String whisker silencers
These reduce the noise of your bowstring. This is great if you are using your bow for hunting. When hunting for prey, you want to be as quiet as possible. Having the string whisker silencers can help you do just that. You don’t want to scare the animal away. Your idea is to hit the target, right?


There are some basic things to consider when deciding which is the best recurve bow for you. First, you should consider all the safety options. Obtaining items to keep you and others safe when shooting your bow should be of the utmost importance. Whether you are shooting for recreation or hunting, you need to ensure the safety of yourself and others.
Making sure you are comfortable with your bow is another important factor. If you aren’t comfortable, there is no fun in the sport. The whole point of shooting your bow is to enjoy it. If you can’t enjoy it, why do it?
Always check with your state for the rules and regulations applied to bow hunting. Learn them and never forget them. These are also for your safety as well as the safety of others. Shooting safely ensures more enjoyment.
Last but not least, you should not spend a fortune on the sport. If you are broke from buying every item ever made for a bow, you can’t enjoy it. Purchase the items you need first. Make sure this is going to be something that you will love doing. If it turns out to be and you are financially able, then purchase other items for your bow. Knowing you didn’t break the bank will keep the stress away and help you enjoy it even more.

Martin Archery Saber Takedown Recurve Bow Review

The Martin Archery Saber Take down recurve bow is one of the best hunting recurve bows that you can buy. It is one of the top rated recurve bows on Amazon.com.

Martin Archery Saber Takedown Recurve Bow Review

When you come to the archery world, the list can’t be complete without including Martin Archery Saber Company. This company has been in operation of producing archery weapon and materials in over 30 years.In this review, I am going to tell you all about Martin Archery company, their products, some advantages and disadvantages of their products as compared to its competitors.

Martin Archery Company is a company that was founded by Gail and his wife Eva Martins in 1951. Since then, this company has always been maintained by Martins family. Throughout its existence, the company has seen about three generations of Martins family.

Currently it’s being driven by Terry and Ryan, Martins grandsons, who are specialized in compound designing of modern archery weapons.
Initially it used to produce just a mere custom arrows, bowstrings, quality recurves and archery accessories but currently, it has advanced into producing both modern and traditional archery weapons to suit all archer’s needs.

There main areas of specialization includes manufacturing of traditional bows, compound bows and bowstrings.

Continue reading “Martin Archery Saber Takedown Recurve Bow Review”