5 reasons why every survivalist must have a bow and arrow

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Anyone who has an interest in primitive survival skills or modern urban way of survival should definitely consider getting a Compound Bow and learn how to use it efficiently. Having a bow in your arsenal to hunt with and defend yourself could make all the difference in a survival situation. Below we’ll go through six reasons you should own a bow. We’ll follow up with some tips on learning to shoot a bow and how to make it a critical piece of equipment worth stowing in your go-bag. 


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Arrows have evolved over the years. Modern arrows are usually made from carbon fiber, aluminum, fiberglass, and wood shafts. Arrows come in many types, among which are breasted, bob-tailed, barreled, clout, and target. Most new carbon fiber arrows are lightweight and have a tip that fits different screw-in tips.

Arrows are incredibly versatile, they can be used with the bow but also are applicable in other ways. Some arrows have hook tips and line for bow fishing. Arrows can be used as spears for fishing. They also -can be lashed and attached to bigger shafts for big game and self-defense. Bowstrings can also be used in various ways, the most obvious being trotline fishing.

Bowstrings are super strong and about 4 to six feet long. They can come in handy in a survival situation – used as bow drill for fire, for snares or traps, as cordage for shelter building or even as trotline for fishing. 

2. More loosely regulated than guns and bullets

Compound bow’s legal limitations are nowhere near as strict as guns. You do not need a license to own a compound bow. However, they are still considered as offensive weapons and should only be carried around with a lawful, proper, and adequate purpose. If you’re interested we suggest you check out our reviews of the best compound bow brands. 

3. Affordable

A good bow kit should only cost a couple of hundred bucks, and with proper maintenance, it could last a lifetime. The ammunition itself is cost-effective too. You should be able to retrieve your arrows after shooting and reuse them repeatedly. With some practice and skills, you should also be able to create your own ammunition using wooden dowels or even natural-found wood and plant shafts.

4. Portable

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Compared to guns and bullets, this portable weapon is lightweight and functional. It can help the user to keep himself alive in an urban setting or in a bush while being compact and enduring.
Bow and arrows are now available in such designs that it comes apart in 3 pieces, there are often called takedown bows. This makes it very portable and you can load this weapon in your survival pack. 

5. Inaudible Weapon

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It’s always good to have a weapon that is silent yet deadly. They are long-range weapons and very effective for both hunting and self-defense without revealing your position or calling attention to yourself.

Skills that stick

The Bow and Arrow’s efficiency depends on the skill, not the equipment. It is a weapon that carries a certain amount of respect. The skill stays with you no matter what happens. And with some practice, you can learn to shoot quickly, in rapid succession, and from nearly any position. If you haven’t seen Lars Anderson’s speed shooting videos, we suggest taking a minute to watch so you realize how powerful mastering a bow can be!

Even if your bow is damaged or broken in a survival situation or stolen, you can make a bow from a hickory sapling using only a knife and some cordage, and use some branches to fashion the arrows. Making a bow and arrow in the bush is definitely an option. However, it will be useless if you don’t know how to shoot it. It’s better to be prepared for the unexpected. Get the skills now to save it for later.

Let’s then learn some tips on how you can use this fantastic weapon proficiently.

Tips on Bow Hunting:

  • During your hunting mode, the first thing to find is the source of food for the prey. If you know where the carrots are, the rabbit will be there on time.  Using your imagination can be helpful in such a situation.  
  • Bow sights can keep you on target and make sure you hit that critical shot. We like single pin bow sights because they’re durable and unlikely to break in the field. 
  • Using a bow stabilizer can also make the world of difference for new archers. They’ll help keep your rig steady through your release which will make you more accurate. This is especially true as you start shooting longer distances and can make a big difference with targets beyond 40 yards.
  • Speed is an important component of shooting. Think that you are in a real hunting situation and don’t allow more than 4 to 5 seconds settling the pin and shooting the target. You won’t always be able to take your time to take a shot. 
  • Practice holding a full draw for as long as possible.  Try doing the “blind shooting technique”, it’s basically shooting arrows quickly and intuitively in order to build muscle memory and to prepare your mind for acting instinctively, hence avoiding that adrenaline rush that appears when an opportunity presents itself.
  • Look for where the game is! Be versatile, regardless of the extra effort needed. Sometimes you must climb trees, hide behind the bushes, but all these will pay off. 

I’m sure this will help you as a survivalist, enjoy life and happy hunting!

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