How important is a best  archery quiver? That is a question many would ask. Fortunately, broad answers to the question can be given.

Its invention can be dated back to when hunting and warfare were the main activities of the times. Its significance has increased with time, owing to its usefulness.

Traditionally, it was used to carry arrows, and it was hand woven but the modern archery quiver takes bolts and darts as well.

Previously, they were made of furs, wood, and many other natural materials but are now manufactured using plastic or metal. There are lots of Archery quivers that best suit your preferences.

How to Select the Best Archery Quiver in the Market

Many factors should be put into consideration before buying an archery quiver. This purely depends on the activities in which the user engages in. Below are the many categories of archery quivers, all suited for various purposes:

  • Hip or side quiver: Just as the name suggests, this particular kind of quiver is either attached to the hip or the side of the archer. Unlike the hip quiver, a side quiver never causes a distraction while in use. It can never get into the way of the archer. It can either be placed on the left or right side of the user to his convenience. This type of quiver has tubes aligned inside to ensure the arrows are properly arranged inside so as to enhance easy removal and use as well.
  • Back quiver: Considered as the most important kind of quiver. It is used by movie stars and other famous users. This type of quiver can carry several arrows at once. The fact that it is carried using the back makes it comfortable, and it is therefore recommended for users traveling for long distances due to its comfort and ease of carriage. It can be used for both left hand, and right hand person.
  • Bow quiver: This type of archery quiver is directly attached to the bow. Several advantages come with this quiver, one being the fact that it places arrows very near, making it appropriate to alter subsequent quick shots. However, this archery quiver can only hold a few arrows, creating the need to have another quiver to use alongside the bow quiver.
  •    Traditional archery quiver: A big number of archers love the aspect of traditional- looking quivers. There are back and side traditional quivers. They are safe to use, and they give an excellent ancient feel while in use. However, these quivers have no tubes inside. As a result, the arrows are exposed to a risk of damage due to poor arrangement inside.

Those are the several types of archery quivers which are available in the market. The choice can be determined by the intended use.

For instance, hunters who travel at high speed would prefer the back quiver for comfort. Transportation of arrows requires the back quivers as well. Archers targeting a few fast shots, on the other hand, can choose the archery bow quiver.

My Top Ten Selections of Best Archery Quivers 2017


Best Archery Quivers-bear-archery-logo-deluxe-back-quiverThis quiver is perfectly designed and organized for easy and comfortable access of arrows to archers. Its depth allows accommodation of all sizes of arrows. It is a back quiver that can hold many arrows at a time.

The divided compartments enhance separation of arrows and protection of arrowheads from further damage. It is made for maximum fit and comfort.

Affordable is its second name as it comes at not- so- high price. The quiver is durable and can store arrows for many years without a tear.


  • It has a 3 point font harness that is adjustable.
  • The pure leather is used in its manufacture enhancing quality.
  • 22 inches deep
  • An accessory compartment that is vast and zippered.
  • Attractive with a nice traditional outlook
  • Well built, reliable and robust hence durable


g4free-high-grade-matte-velvet-arrow-back-pot-quiver-three-fixed-back-archery-for-hunting-Best Archery QuiversThis incredible archery quiver is a back quiver which is very light in weight. It is huge and can carry up to 30 arrows. It is light in weight hence comfortable.

The included soft feel reduces the high level of sounds or friction when removing the arrows. This calm atmosphere is perfect for hunting activities. It has tube-like compartments which ensure the safety of arrows, preventing them from damage.

Due to its lightweight, it can be used by children in sports activities, as long as they have firearm etiquette.


  • Made from durable microfiber material
  • Intensified thickness inside
  • Large (55*10 cm 22*4 inch)
  • It has two side pockets useful for storage of other accessories.
  • The outward appearance is pleasant due to its lucrative design.


Best Archery Quivers-g4free-high-grade-micro-fiber-quiver-waterproof-arrow-case-fit-for-both-left-hander-and-right-hander-archery-accessoriesThis is a back quiver which is made of microfiber synthetic leather. 100% guaranteed durability quiver and able to hold lots of arrows at a time due to its massive size and depth. It is made to protect arrows perfectly from damage.

It is easy to use and carry owing to the design which involves manual waving. The standard woven design makes it look attractive, durable and gives it a classy and professional look. It can be used under all weather conditions including the rainy season.

It is suitable to be used by both left and right-handers. The adjustable straps can be utilized by different hunters. Overall: Can be used for sports and other outdoor activities.


  • The quiver is waterproof hence maximum protection of arrows
  • 24 arrows can be fitted into the quiver
  • Arrows of 25-30 inches can be accommodated
  • Easy to use
  • Very comfortable to wear


anglebubbles-waterproof-high-grade-matte-velvet-arrow-back-pot-quiver-three-fixed-back-archery-f-hunting-left-and-right-handers-bow-case-Best Archery QuiversThis is a high grade and classy back quiver. It is very affordable in the market. It is easy to carry and fits in so well at the back. Its waterproof characteristic enables it to repel water thus making it suitable for fishing activities.

It is big in size and can hold up to two dozens of arrows comfortably.

This quiver is hand woven and attractive to look at. It is also light in weight and can, therefore, be used by minors without worry. No to mention that this best archery quiver is suitable for hunters who require light and super speed performance so as to enhance your accuracy. Both right and left handed people can use this quiver.


  • Has a good 3 point harness
  • Made from quality synthetic material
  • It has a 3mm to 5mm cortical thickness.
  • Includes a compartment for additional accessories
  • Long arrows can be accommodated


Best Archery Quivers-apex-bone-collector-gamechanger-5-arrow-quiver-blackThis best game changer quiver is one of the finest quivers in this archery field. It has a superior balance and reduced torque due to the tension cam lock which tightens the bow riser to the quiver. The preferred balance enhances comfort when the quiver is in the carriage.

You can opt to mount the quiver properly at the back of the sight. This is made possible by the full adjustability feature. It can accommodate both aluminum and carbon arrows.

The double gripper design in this quiver makes it secure to use. Many bows can fit in owing to the adjustable mounting bracket. It can be employed by both rights and left-handed people.


  • Fits both fixed and mechanical broadhead
  • Minimal vibration and noise
  • Has a hanging loop made of aluminum for ground blinds and tree stands use.
  • Can hold one to five arrows


Best Archery Quivers-nuoya001-new-21-back-quiver-bow-pot-archery-3-point-harness-waterproof-arrows-accessories-include-a-cycling-reflective-band-as-giftIt is a back quiver and most silent one in the market. Not only that, it doesn’t bang around while moving around. The quiver is made from leather which has a soft feel but is still adamant and durable. It has pieces of foam arranged at the bottom.

They give a safe landing and settling of the bows inside the quiver. It can comfortably hold up to a dozen arrows and more when they are squeezed up.

However you are advised not to squeeze them up due higher possibility of damage. The adjustable straps and arrows are easily reached when the quiver is on the back. It is capable of holding into place all the arrows even when upside down. The quiver is recommended to be used for all hunters.


  • Made of pure leather material
  • Suitable for both right and left-handed persons
  • Highly compact
  • Light in weight
  • Easy to use and carry


neet-products-inc-neet-burgundy-field-quiver-rh-Best Archery QuiversThis is an efficient quiver that is neatly made. You will always be grateful to the Neet craftsmanship for coming up with the attractive outlook and unusual design.

It is handmade hence it has a perfect and durable finishing. It has one big side pocket, in which accessories can be kept. It is made of leather hence it is very durable. It is small in size hence it cannot hold many arrows at a time.

This makes it suitable for small-scale hunters and trainees who do not require making many shots.

The firm and sturdy arrows ensures that they don’t fall off when the quiver is turned. It is suitable for use by left-handed persons.


  • Bright in color for vivid appearance
  • An elastic cord is accessorized in the pocket
  • Brass rivets and nylon stitching
  • Highly compact


Best Archery Quivers-trophy-ridge-lite-1-quiver-camo-aq500This particular quiver has lots of additional features as compared to other quivers. The quiver has 3 LED lights which are green. They are helpful especially for hunting as they can help the hunter see his way through the forest and thick shrubs.

The lights are located in the quiver’s hood. Its arrows have dual grippers. It can accommodate all broadhead styles. It has a very light weight and holds arrows tight with minimal movement and vibration.

This best archery quiver comes divided into compartments which protect the arrows from damage. Insertion and removal of arrows can be done with one single hand (that’s how easy it is). It also has a secure attachment to the bow.

Not only does it hold arrows for you, but also ensures you see your way home.


  • Its construction is Ballistix copolymer.
  • It has a hanging rope that is braided.
  • The mounting bracket is customizable to fit the quiver properly.
  • It has one light inside the hood in addition to the three lights on top.


tenzing-tz-1140-single-sling-archery-pack-Best Archery QuiversThis quiver has a single sling design which is unique, compared to other brands.

You will never let go due to its well built design and properly made to hold the arrows with less effort. It is light and does not feel cumbersome at all.

It is perfect for sports especially involving children due to its light weight. It is made of very durable materials and does not wear out quickly.

You are assured to carry lots of at once. It has long tubes which can accommodate long arrows and protects the arrows from damage as well.


  • Sling design that is shooter friendly
  • Quiver mount that has quick access
  • Pack pad made of breathable mesh
  • Its bow clip is side mounted
  • Mashed base for protection of arrows


Best Archery Quivers-selway-slide-on-stick-quiver-recurve-rawhideThis is a medium sized quiver that holds up to 6 arrows. It can fit any size of arrows whether long or short.

It has adjustment points which can be used to change the direction towards which the arrows face. With the change in place, the arrows can stay at an angle.

This quiver is really compact and holds arrows tightly with minimal or no movements at all. It is close to the bow hence enables quick shots to be taken subsequently.

Perfectly made to be used by all hunters.


  • Perfect balance
  • Durable
  • Highly compact
  • Attractive appearance
  • Can be used by both left and right-handed persons



Above list are some of the archery quivers that are manufactured with high level of integrity. They all have their unique features meant to suit the storage needs of the archers.

Considering the many features necessary for a good archery quiver, I recommend the G4 Free High-Grade Matte Velvet Arrow Back Pot Quiver it has all of the amazing features required for a perfect quiver. Its size, durability, and capability to carry many arrows make it efficient.

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