Archery involves drawing a bow, taking aim and shooting arrows at a  target. Practice makes perfect, which means owning a practice target is a key part in honing your skills.

Types of archery targets

There are many different types of archery targets, choosing the right one comes down to what kind of shooting you do and the types of arrows you’re using.

3D targets look like wild game, mostly deer, and are great for hunters who want to practice bow hunting outside of the hunting season. Round foam targets are a great way for competition shooters to hone their skills and score themselves. Bag targets are great if you’re using field point arrows, they’re also durable but heavy to move, making them great for a regular practice site. Cube targets are great for those who shoot field point and broadhead arrows, they also tend to be lightweight and are more portable than bags.

Archery Target Reviews


Morrell Double Duty 400 FPS Target- Best Archery Target If you have been planning to improve your targeting skills or learning how to shoot with your bow, this is one of the best archery targets for you.

It is ideally constructed to withstand any weather, thanks to the double duty and durable materials.

You will improve your accuracy and visibility with this Morrel Double Duty due to the bright yellow cover that clearly reflects the marked targets.

You will also appreciate several target options, dart board, and the ball style targets that can help you to have fun with your fellow archers.


  • It comes with a bright color for adequate visibility and accuracy
  • The well-constructed foam helps to remove the arrows with much ease
  • Internal frame technology structure is durable hence preventing it from collapsing even when repeating several hits
  • The bolts seem to slide outside the target but it won’t tear or rip off the foam since it is designed to stop up to 400 frames per second
  • It is easy to carry around due to the installed E-Z carry handle


best 3d archery targetIf you have been planning to aim up your archery skill in the off season, this Field Logic Archery Target is ideal for you.

It is not only suitable for broad head but also field point arrows. Not to mention it comes with a vital organ which is marked on the outside for adequate visibility.

The unimaginable design is also perfect for silhouette shooting and the lightweight construction allows you to easily carry around for perfect target practice.


  • Includes 25% sizable inserts and ground stakes
  • The target area is replaceable
  • It is made to withstand any type of weather condition
  • It has maximum balance and support
  • Feature 31 Inch shoulder height and 12.5-inch antlers


Archery 40cm & 80cm Targets by LongbowIf you have been looking for the best archery targets that have adequate visibility and lightweight, then you have reached to your final destination.

This 40 by 80 CM archery target is regarded as the best product for indoor and outdoor leisure activity.

The best thing about it is that you can attach a cardboard box along and the arrow won’t be stopped. The targets are excellent for shooting too.


  • They have bright colors for adequate visibility
  • It is printed on a heavy duty material for longer lasting target
  • The targets can also be used for many archery applications and gun shooting
  • It is easy to carry around and doesn’t take much storage space
  • The archery is designed for beginners and skilled archers


Morrell archery bag targetsI have to agree that I have had a chance to practice with this best archery target by Morrell. Without a doubt, it is worth the price. Off all the targets that I have previously owned, I can attest that this Supreme Range has definitely quenched my archery thirst.

I will not forget to mention the arrows can be pulled out with less strength; one side is designed for target practice and the other for competition target.

A very firm and tough cover simply define its high durability and maximum protection.


  • The supreme range is made to withstand weather
  • It stops the arrows with less effort
  • Guaranteed to last for long
  • It is designed with four reverse sides which are best for aiming
  • The target is compatible with crossbow and compound bow
  • Include four grommets for hanging and storage


bow hunting targetIf you want your arrow to last for long, try this best block invasion archery target by Field Logic.

It is a unique product that helps you to move to the next targeting level. With this, you are assured to use the field tips, compound arrows as well as a broad head.

Besides, be ready to expect positive surprises from this best archery target. That said the front and back open layer design stops the arrow with super friction and not force. You can never go wrong with this block invasion selection.


  • The well-designed polypropylene wrapped side is for field tips only
  • It is an open faced layer design (you can shoot with four sides)
  • It is made to stop all the field tips and broadhead
  • It weighs about 30 to 40 lbs
  • The block invasion is free-standing


Bear Archery Foam TargetFoam targets are widely known for longevity, easily portable and great to use with lighter bows. The constructive layered foam tends to have adequate friction hence preventing the arrow tips from breaking.

Though it is imperative to take note that broad head can stick and rip off the target. Also, bows that have heavy draw might have maximum strength since they can easily bury in the foam.

You should also consider your shooting angle which can significantly increase the durability of your archery target.


  • Include a 10-ring face
  • The targets are made to withstand any wear and insects
  • The archery is made by UV and Waterproof resistant
  • The targets are reversible hence increasing their longevity
  • It is easy to carry around and perfect for recreational activity
  • It comes with bright colors for maximum visibility


best archery cube target3D archery targets are fun and one of the effective ways for experienced and novice hunters to get ready for the hunting season.

For instance, this archery target by Elkton has clearly marked sides on the outside, hence making it easier for you to particularly identify where to aim.

You just name any type of arrow that you have since the archery target is made with durable materials to withstand super speed and heavy targets.

In fact, it is quite expensive than other targets in the market but overall quality matters.


  • The target comes with more than one shooting surface
  • It is made to withstand any type of weather
  • Includes a self-healing target which is ideal for archery practice and arrow removal
  • Holds up expendables, broadhead and field points
  • The XPE self-healing foam enhances durability
  • The target also works well with compound bow


Morrell Outdoor Range archery TargetIt is specifically designed for seriously skilled shooters who are ready to handle the heaviest poundings. It comes with a perfect size hence you can try backing up to 80 whopping yards.

It is regarded as the best and number one Outdoor Range Target due to its size. Not to mention that it also creates your outdoor activity as the best looking and long lasting experience, thanks to the highly designed contrast wrap.


  • It comes with Patent Nucleus Center
  • 100% waterproof
  • Has an Internal Frame System Technology for maximum durability
  • Defined as an X-tended Life target for years of use
  • Recommended to never shoot in the same spot severally
  • Has unique shooting area due to its sizable and heavy texture


MORRELL YELLOW JACKET crossbow archery targetWhen it comes to durability and easy arrow removal, Morrel Yellow Jacket has been proven to be the precise target at that. The internal Frame System Technology helps to retain its shape and integrity.

Worry less about the wear and tear that comes due to weather conditions, since its 100% waterproof. To easily maintain your aim, you are advised to rotate the targets after every 75 to 100 shots and regularly changing the bull’s eye.

After using the target for a long period, you can lay it facing down on the side that you have taken lots of shot, then stomp it heavily on the back side.

The process helps to remove the overall construction. Another consideration is to hang the target on an upward position and allow it to swing for a while.


  • It is lightweight and easy to transport
  • Perfect target for reasonable price
  • Comes with a multi-layered design hence retaining back its shape
  • Regarded as the best X-tended Life Target
  • Overall: it is an outstanding archery target


Field Logic Hurricane Archery Bag TargetThe Internal Tri-Core material of this best archery target is regarded as the most accurate, than other conventional materials.

I can say this again since it offers tremendous target performance and longevity. Prepare yourself to remove the arrows with less effort (in fact one hand) and also its rectangular design is easy to lift and carry around.

It comes with bright orange colors at the middle hence creating adequate visibility against the bright green color background.


  • The Hurricane Bag Target comes with high contrast and high visibility aiming points
  • Includes deer targets which are positioned at the off-center
  • A heavy duty handle makes it easier to lift and move around
  • Doesn’t take up much storage space
  • It comes stuffed and ready to shoot


Taking a look at my best archery reviews, I can suggest that there are lots of fantastic archery targets in the market. Considering they also come with new designs and improved technology systems. However, you should take note that not all of them are considered to perfectly fit your skill or body size.

Five Common Archery Mistake and How to Avoid Them

There is no doubt that if you need to be a super skilled archer you should first learn the basic hunting techniques. Understanding exactly what not do to when using archery target is a great step in sharpening your skills.

  1. GRIP: You are advised not to grip or hold your bow too tight. The problem comes when you want to release your bow and the tight grip makes the arrow fall in the opposite direction. To be on the safe side, practice your target with a sling which helps you to keep the bow at a loose position. Consider purchasing the right grip that is proportional to your body size.
  2. Elbow Position: Elbow position helps to balance your targets and shots. Avoiding most archery mistakes such as rotating the elbow in the opposite direction by simply ensuring you have maintained a straight position when aiming.
  3. Poor Archery Tools: Perfect skill and balance are vital in archery field, but if you don’t have the right equipment, it will eventually affect your shot. Ensure you have taken your bow for proper maintenance and tuning which will greatly improve your archery skill.

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