Modern bow releases have recently overtaken the archery world. Not for many reasons, but hunters came to understand one hidden secret about the best bow release: They are easy to use and reduce the effort level by 30% when releasing the bow. And don’t forget they prevent your fingers from straining. What else could you ask for? Below is a list of the best bow release models.

How to Use a Bow Release

Top Ten Bow Release Guide

The most crucial part that is often overlooked especially when shooting a bow is the release. By holding the string in a steady and comfortable way, you are assured to get a drastically increased target performance. Utilize the following details of my top ten best bow release and pick the one that suits you best.

Spot Hogg Wiseguy Bow Release

Spot Hogg Wiseguy bow ReleaseThe Spot Hogg Wiseguy Release is widely known to stand the test of time, thanks to the unique features and outstanding design. It comes with a self-reloading hook as well as rigid like design.

This self-reloading hook prevents sudden torque release. It does not come with a trigger travel but has a failsafe trigger for super stiff performance.


  • Very lightweight and has an adjustable trigger with zero travel
  • Includes a self-reloading hook
  • The forward trigger design for optimum speed and superb draw length
  • Has a micro-adjustable camo Velcro

Verdict: If you haven’t yet seen a release that has a magnetic breathable Velcro wrist wrap, then try this best bow release. With that in mind, your hands will never sweat. The rigid body angled design is assured to give you convenient loading. I have said it all, take your time and choose this finest and exemplary made Wiseguy Bow Release. It is important to note that this Wiseguy is only compatible with D-Loop designed bows.

True-Fire Hardcore 4 Finger Bow Release

TRU-FIRE Hardcore 4-Finger ReleaseThe Tru-Fire Hardcore 4-Finger Release comes with a camouflaged color that helps you to shoot without worry. Not only is it effective but also comes with a simple trigger which can easily be adjusted to suit your preferences.

That said it is specially outfitted with an adjustable lanyard which allows you to strap the bow release to your arm with much ease. Your release is always locked with the help of the string loop, until to you release the trigger.


  • Has a string loop retainer
  • Comes with three different position trigger thus 6, 24 and 50 ounces
  • It has a pivoting head for maximum performance
  • 100% made in USA
  • Machined aluminum handle and head (durable)
  • Has a carbon finish design

Verdict: It is the most ultimate and one of the active bow releases in the market. It works just how you expect. The camouflage color is attractive and unique. It has excellent, crisp trigger and a definite upgrade for any bow hunter.

Best Release For The Money

TruFire Edge Buckle Foldback Small Release

Tru-Fire Edge Buckle Foldback Small ReleaseYou would be silly not to get this release at under $70. The TruFire Edge Buckle Foldback is a 100% American made bow release that defines simple tuning and outstanding performance at its best. At this price, it’s the perfect low cost model to try your first release, or to carry as a backup during your hunts.

If you happen to have a medium or small size hand, worry less since this best release will cater for your hunting needs.

Not to mention that your comfort is well provided with the small size Evolution Buckle strap. It also facilitates greater length adjustment trigger travel for optimum performance.


  • 100% American made that assures you with longevity
  • Features an open jaw that by pulling the trigger and also let off the trigger to close the release jaw
  • The trigger travel is easy to adjust and remove
  • Includes a 360-degree swiveling head to effectively prevent the string torque
  • Comes with a small size Evolution Buckle Strap
  • You are assured with a Limited Lifetime Warranty

Verdict: If you have trouble in finding the best and small size bow release in the market, try this unique model by Tru-Fire. It can be used by an eleven-year-old and above. In fact, you will once forget that you are wearing it, due to a guaranteed comfort.

True-Fire Hardcore Max Buckle Bow Release

Tru-Fire Hardcore MAX Buckle Foldback Bow ReleaseYou might be in doubt that this True-Fire bow release is the most ultimate and quickest trigger. The aggressive hook design tells it all by preventing the loop from slipping off while drawing back. You can opt to set the release in a fold back position, thanks to the Evolution buckle strap feature.

I bet you have believed that this MAX bow release is the finest of all brands. The length between the head and the strap is well separated hence it can be modified with a comfortable 360 degrees motion.

The unbeatable 4-ounce trigger from this bow release can be tuned to up to zero travel.


  • Come with a trigger pressure which is easily adjustable from 3 to over 16 ounces
  • Allows you to adjust to over one inch light
  • Fully efficient and adjustable trigger travel
  • Features a swept-back trigger for improved precision
  • Designed with a super plush camo buckle strap

Verdict: Note that this best bow release is the only hand-held brand that comes with a pivoting head which effectively reduces the torque at full draw. The four-ounce feature has catered for all your sturdiness and smooth sensitivity to your hands. It is the finest release that helps to reduce the target panic. You can never go wrong with this selection.

Truglo Detonator Dual-Jaw Release

Truglo Detonator Dual-Jaw Bow releaseJust like its name suggests, it is a real-life bow release detonator from Truglo that caters for all your hunting, comfort and adjustability.

It features the patented Closure System for a comfortable glove-like fit and an all-day support.

You can now dial-in perfect fit thanks to the synchronized stainless steel and sturdy dual-jaw design. It also comes with a 360-degree rotating head which reduces the string torque and enhances the string loops.

For adequate shooting position, the Truglo Detonator is well designed with a customizable adjustment which tends to stretch to over one inch. If you are a fashion lover, then you can opt to coordinate the color for matching shooting accessories.


  • Accurate, enough and interestingly fast
  • Includes a micro-adjustable trigger that has a crisp-like fell
  • Hook tends to open from the shooter for maximum comfort
  • Proper wear-free jaws
  • Includes five different matching covers (green, orange, black, red and pink)
  • Well patented
  • Silent Rotary Adjustable System
  • Metal constructed for durability and adjustable one-piece trigger design

Verdict: It is an ideal release for small and sizable hands. Since it is single caliper release, that’s why you are advised not to put your fingers in any place, not unless you are fully prepared to shoot. It has great internal release system feature that make it stand and smooth to operate. Very sturdy and outstanding adjustments

Tru-Fire Edge Black Bow Release

Tru-Fire Edge 4 Finger Black ReleaseIt is a low-cost four finger bow release from Tru-Fire that provides 100% accuracy and smooth shooting in one complete package. It is equipped with a dual caliper which is 100% made in USA, assuring you with outstanding service and top-notch release.

The spring is completely loaded with a trigger which helps to enhance bolt release and also prevents the string torque from happening.

You can open the jaws with no time by just forcing the trigger back. You can then close it by letting off the trigger. Includes a 360-degree head which ensures you have consistently reached the smooth targeting operation.

It also features CNC aluminium handle that is quite comfortable to grip. The installed medium head compliments well with a streamlined grip for utmost comfort.


  • Includes an adjustable trigger travel
  • 100% American made dual caliper release
  • Comes with a spring loaded trigger
  • Assured with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Has sturdy grip which is easy to hold
  • Creates an ample room for smoother release performance

Verdict: You will regret why you didn’t buy this best bow release by Tru-Fire. For your security, you will be assured with a lifetime warranty. It is also considered as the finest and the smoothest action among the hand-held style archery models. You will love how the trigger travel can be adjusted to your preferred size. Give it a chance by trying to shoot and learn from your own experience.

Tru-Fire Hardcore Buckle Foldback Bow Release

Tru-Fire Hardcore Buckle Foldback ReleaseThe True-Fire Hardcore bow release is a single made hook that is designed to automatically self-close to ensure optimum precision when shooting.

This unique feature was carefully 100% manufactured in America hence you are assured to get dependable and top notch craftsmanship.

Also, it is the ULTIMATE model that comes with a head that has a pivot, which tends to move to the right and left at a complete 20 degrees motion. For this reason, your arrow will always be set in the right target.

The Evolution strap entails the most luxurious and comfortable to use while targeting. You can also decide to lock the location of the adjustment with a set of screws.


  • The trigger is easy to adjust for optimum comfort
  • Fold-back trigger design combines with the ultra-light trigger to make it easier to trigger for improved precision
  • It is an American made model that closes itself automatically
  • By turning the head anticlockwise and clockwise, you can easily adjust the length of the strap and the head
  • Comes with a small hook design that prevents the loop from slipping off

Verdict: Introduction of this best bow release in the market is certainly a wake-up call to all hunters. I am simply saying this because you also need to upgrade to a more advanced release in this age of heightened technology. That being said I have come to love the unique features of the True-Fire HardCore bow release. Not only does it have outstanding adjustment capabilities but also you are guaranteed to get the lightest trigger pull. It is a great new bow release edition by Tru-Fire.

Hot Shot Vapor 4 Finger Bow Release

Hot Shot Vapor 4 Finger bow ReleaseThe Hot Shot Vapor is entirely designed with the bowhunter in mind and comes with three or four finger handles. It comes with an adjustable thumb barrel for ample hunting support.

You can easily attaché a wrist sling to it which keeps the bow release firm. Also, instead of using the standard loop, you can use the metal loop nock for durability and comfort.

Besides, you are guaranteed to have the whisper quiet hunting adventure, thanks to the Zero noise internal actuating system.


  • It is easy to use and adjust
  • Comes with Automatic closing jaw hence no trigger set required
  • Features a four finger release
  • The overall design and finish are outstanding

Verdict: Since I have had a chance to use this best bow release, I can’t give it a full fledged recommendation. However, I know there are some who swear by this handheld release and prefer it over the Tru-Fire models.

Tru-Fire Max Edge Release Buckle Foldback

Tru-Fire Max Edge Release Buckle FoldbackThe Tru-Fire Max Edge Release is regarded as the ideal bow release for hunters who love to let off the trigger in an automatic way. It features the unique revolution buckle strap which allows you to rattle and climb with much ease.

It also provides you with length adjustment system that can be easily extended and locked with set crews.

The foldback system that comes with this best bow release allows you to have optimum trigger performance.


  • It is fully functional and easy to use
  • Includes a foldable system
  • Buckle strap and able to be adjusted to suit your desired length

Verdict: You can never go wrong with True-Fire bow releases, and that is why I have selected more than two products to review. That said this Max Edge Buckle Strap is well designed to give you accurate trigger and adjustment. Note that it also has an Evolution buckle strap feature that allows hands-free rattling and climbing.

Scott Silverhorn Buckle Strap Bow Release

Scott Silverhorn Release-Buckle StrapThe Scott Silverhorn buckle strap is one of my favorite releases that I will never take out of my gear bag. I expect nothing else than this superlative release by Scott.

It comes with a single hook that tends to connect your bow string with much ease. Instead of a metal rod that comes with other brands, this release has a nylon strap for maximum comfort(A+).

The wrist is also soft and buckle type instead of Velcro. I figured that the buckle has a curve design, but it is sometimes difficult to thread the strap into the buckle once in a while.


  • Already spring loaded with a crafted polished hook for simple loading
  • Designed with a time-tested open hook
  • Comes with a streamlined head for comfort and unique style
  • The wider roller sear creates a crisp like a trigger pull
  • Has a forward knurled trigger that helps to maximize the draw length

Verdict: After you have completed shooting several arrows, you will find that it is quite hard to swivel back the hook in its position. I am writing according to my experience with it. The nylon strap is connected to the hand-held strap with a connector bar which helps to keep your hands more sturdy. I simply love it because it is easy to fine-tune and very useful. You can get precise adjustments by loosening the screws on the nylon strap and metal bracket.

How to Choose the Best Archery Release

Lots of consumers tend to select an archery release relying on the cost. However, if that isn’t an issue to you, try to determine whether you need a wrist or a handheld archery model. Follow the below guide on how to select the finest archery release in the market.

Best Bow Release

Type of Release

Two different types of release are commonly used in hunting field; thus a wrist release and a hand held one. They mostly differ depending on the smoothness, caliper jaws, and adjustability. Take a look:

Caliper or Wrist Release

It is the mostly used and popular bow release. It is loved because of jaws or calipers quality. Not to mention that you can easily adjust for simple or complex release.

You will also notice the easy adjustability of the draw weight to your wrist. The process makes work easier when gripping the bow. The length and position of the release will always impose an effect on your draw length. With that in mind, you should select a comfortable wrist that you can manage.

Handheld Release

It is the newest model in the market that is quite lightweight and easy to use. With the help of an automatic mechanism, the release is done with your thumb instead of your index finger. You can also opt to use a back tension to release an arrow.

The release of the string happens when a limited increase is done at full draw as well as archery rotation. The finest handheld archery that you purchase would be an excellent accessory to enhance your archery skills.

String Style

Depending on your preference, you can decide to set your bow string in several ways. Note that there is a metal nock, “D” loop that is usually located on the string. However, some release aids aren’t compatible with several string styles. Always make sure you have selected the best potential release that is compatible with your string setup.


If you are interested in purchasing a handheld bow release, you need to consider the quantity of length adjustment it provides. Note that your selection can differ regarding size, so one type of release won’t fit every hand.

Excess straining with effort when trying to pull the trigger, is the last thing that an archer would want. Therefore, purchasing an adjustable release is the best decision.

Wynn-archery-Best Bow ReleaseAutomation

You might get a chance and select a hydraulic or automatic release. They are both designed in such a way that they can trigger the bow once you pull the drawback. As stated above, you will find them in wrist or grip styles, but they are quite expensive.


All hunters enthusiast should carefully attend to the loud noise that is produced by most bow release. Some of them tend to make a clicking sound which can easily lower the level of your target. That said, purchase a silent release aid for better accuracy while bow hunting.

Difference between $100 Release and a $35 Bow Release

According to research, the features and quality of the bow release tend to determine the type of bow. However, you find that some models don’t have a feature like upgraded strap, trigger pressure adjustment, length adjustment and more. A more refined release will be the most expensive than standard ones. For instance, take the Tru-Life Hardcore from my review, it tends to cost about $100.

But it tends to feature the swept back trigger and Evolution adjustment design. In short, expensive bow release is the most accurate and efficient in hunting industry. But if you are a beginner consider selecting a simpler release bow like Spot Hogg or Hot Shot Vapor release bow.

Which is my favorite of them all?

Because you have read all the features and review that I have written above, I am now confident that you can pick the best bow release from the list.

However, if you take a closer look, you can plainly see that I have severally reviewed the Tru-Life bow release in general.

For this reason and more, the Tru-Life models are the most ideal and best bow release in the market. Some crucial features like Evolution and 360 degrees rotation. I don’t want to spoil it further, pick one bow release that best suits your preferences.

Remember: It is recommended to purchase a simple backup release just in case you happen to lose or drop one from a tree stand. It is also important to remember to take time and relax when taking every shot. Besides, ensure your release is adjusted as desired by trying to get the trigger into the second joint of your index finger.


Lots of bow release shops tend to suggest that you can only try one or more gear before purchasing. I would agree with that idea since going to a nearby store and trying some of the features would be a vast improvement. You will also get a chance to ask questions physically from a qualified hunter. The price is also quite reasonable and also helps you to figure out what release works best for you.

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