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Best Compound Bow Reviews 2018

Ultimate Buying Guide to buy Compound Bows Compound bows are the choice from experienced users but to pick a right bow as per your choice. If you don’t know which is the right bow for you? This compound bow guide helps you to know in which category you are falling
Extra Tip: If your strength is above average for your body weight chooses a 10 lbs. heavier draw weight.These 6 steps will polish your archery skills and let you hunt like a pro. In case you are not managing to hit a 3-inch spot from a distance of 20 yards, there’s a need to improve your shooting. An experienced archer can hit a 2 inch spot from 20 years.

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So, here’re your steps to follow:

  • Step 1: Stance Face the board with 45-degrees, standing on the parallel feet with a distance about 18 to 24 inches. Keep your toes pointing to the target these should not be 90 degrees like beginners.
  • Step 2: Bow Grip Grip the bow with comfort. Don’t hold the bow tightly that causes severely degrade accuracy. Most of the bows can be shooting with a light touch front of the grip.
  • Step 3: Draw Once you griped the bow it’s time to set your bow toward the target and keep the fingers on the jaws for the motorized release assistance. Usually experts prefer to grip the bow along with on the string using the index finger on the arrow nock and other fingers underneath the arrow nock.
  • Step 4: Anchor Once you drawn the bowstring, lock it against your face, process is known as “anchor.” The right-hand shooters will anchor toward the right side and vice-versa.
  • Step 5: Aim Aiming is another important step to for perfect archery; bowsights give you accurate point in an average hand, while using a laser rangefinder.
  • Step 6: Release When it comes to release its time to make or break the shot. You must release the strings smoothly with no flinch.

BEST CHOICE – SAS Rage 70 Lbs 30” Compound Bow Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Bow Package Bear Archery Cruzer Ready to Hunt Compound Bow Package 70lb RH A5CZ21007RPSE Ready To Shoot Surge Bow Package Martin Archery Lithium Bow PSE Prophecy 70-Pound Skull works BowBarnett Vortex 45-Pounds Youth Archery Bow Diamond Infinite Edge Pink Blaze Reviews of eight best Compound Bows The Low Budget choice:This bow is best to buy if you have low budget, the bow has less but basic features that you might need for shooting. However, the perfect shooting is cannot be guaranteed. If you are a beginner you will require much more practice to be an expert while using this bow, but as the beginner it allows you easy shooting options with less draw weight.

It’s an ideal compound bow to get started with a low budget, I have tried for some time and didn’t find any issue for beginners but can’t recommend for experts. This would a good alternative to use a bow on random oceans to save your expensive bows.

Bear Archery Cruzer Ready to Hunt Compound Bow Package 70lb RH A5CZ21007R
Salient Features: Compressed ABS Limbs26″ – 30″ Draw Length55 – 70 lbs. Draw Weight270 FPS Maximum Speed Things I LikedThe good bow under low price rangeLooks a small bow so, best for kidsAllows draws length and pressure adjustmentHave easy options to set up Things I Didn’t LikeNot famous among archersQuality is satisfactory not very goodWeight looks significantly heavierLow-Mid

Price Range:This bow comes with several adjustment options, the frame structure help the both kids and adults to shoot perfectly. The Infinite Edge bow has easy option to use for beginners, the adjustable draw length that covers 13”- 30”, and adjustable draw weight that covers 5-70 lbs is best for all type of users.
This is one of the ideal bows for hunters of all sizes; it is also available in both left- and right-handed models. It looks most a beginner bow, as there’s no more fancy technologies are used to make this bow. I love this bow because of its maximum adjustability that helps you to meet unlimited value of accurate target shooting.
This bow falls under low price range but comparing to the SAS Rage 70 Lbs 30” Compound Bow, it is under low mid-price range, so the people have low budge but want to buy a medium level bow can buy this one.

Salient Features: Tube peep sightHostage XL Arrow RestBCY String LoopCome with 3 Pin Apex SightOctane DeadLock Lite Quiver Things I LikedLight weightHighly adjustable featuresA perfect starter bowExcellent for target practice Things I Didn’t LikeSomewhat square-shaped gripNot perfect for professional archeryMaterial is not really goodIf you love to shoot, this bow is going to be a great buying for you. You don’t need extra things to get started but only your bow along with arrows. It requires very little adjustments to make it as per your needs and size. The bow goes from the 5 to 70 lbs so the child and adult can adjust it as per their requirements.

While buying a bow everyone has concerns about the accessories but cruzer bow is a complete package of latest high quality accessories. This is going to be one of the best bows from Trophy Ridge you might ever buy.
This one of my recommended bows to go with, that falls under low-mid price range having all great features that you need in a bow to enjoy professional archery. The mid-range price which is under $400 is also looks nominal as it’s great features.

Best Compound Bow-AW Pro Compound Bow Kit Archery Set
Salient Features: Accuracy with hand torque Made with aluminum Max-Preload Quad Limbs12”-30” draw length Offset String Suppressors Advanced grip design Things I LikedLightweight and comfortable Powerful enough Highly adjustable Excellent customer support Things I Didn’t Like No Allen keys included Not perfect for beginners Mid Price Range: PSE Surge comes up with all of the outstanding features that value your money and while providing you all of the great features you can find in a heavy price bow. This bow is slightly longer with a smooth draw cycle and flexible draw length and draw weight.

The lightweight and incredibly structured great design is hard to meat by other bows. You’ll love its single-cam system to experience the perfect shooting experience. The bow comes with Whisker Biscuit Rest, Gemini Sight, Shadow Quiver, Flexx tech 2 Stabilizer and Nock Loop and it keeps you ready to shoot all time.

Defiantly! PSE Surge is going be your perfect choice under all of the mid-price range bows. It doesn’t let you spend more money for more features. If you are looking for a complete compound bow package and don’t want to spend more money this is going to be your perfect pick.

Salient Features: 32-1/2″ Axle to Axle12 Max Limb Bolt Turns320-312 fps ATA/IBO Speed7-1/4” Brace Height 19-1/2 to 30” Draw Length Range Things I Liked Smooth draw cycle Reasonably fastShoots pretty accurately Very less hand vibration Unbeatable bow with money saving Things I Didn’t Like Bit larger than preferred oneA tad heavier than liked oneWhile it’s not loud if you enjoy its noise Best Overall: For Hunting and Target Shooting If you haven’t bought any bow before and stepped in the archery for the very first time, Martin Archery Lithium Bow is a must buy product for you. I prefer this bow for beginners who love to enjoy the smooth and slight archery in their early stages. The bow made up with highly adjustable Nitro 3 cams, carbon STS and x4 twin limbs. You’ll love its ground breaking technology, recently developed by Martin.

Barnett Recruit Compound Crossbow Package, Black
This bow is made using martin’s patented vibration escape system this way the shooter will experience a shock free shot even at higher speed of 335 feet per second. This bow is a great combination of smooth, stability and perfection, even it has higher price but will never let you feel to waste your money.
Usually the deals that packed and have several components have low quality material, martin Archery Lithium Bow is totally wrong about it. Comparing to the previous described bow the price of this bow is little bit high but it is not much heavier providing the quality accessories.
Salient Features: 33.25 Axle to Axle7in Brace Height 38”-31” adjustable draw length 335 feet per second speed Things I LikedPack have quality accessoriesMade with modern STS technologyX4 Twin Limbs Target bow accuracySleek design Things I Didn’t LikePrice is little highNot fit if you only need a bowFastest Shooting Bows on the Market:Love the faster shooting? PSE Prophecy is the perfect fit bow for you. This wallet friendly bow provides all features what all hunters need. The less weight let you experience the great joy of archery. The hunters can easily direct to their targeted. This bow is a perfect choice for great performance even as a beginner archer.

Bear Archery Cruzer Ready to Hunt Compound Bow Package 70lb RH A5CZ21007R
The bow featured with parallel limbs, the new Backstop 2, a Planar Flex riser and the fastest single-cam that helps you to practice the best ever shooting. As I mentioned in the heading this is the fastest shooting bow with and let you experience 340fps with planer flex riser.

I know the price of this bow might be high for you, but PSE has made with the awesome cutting edge of archery technology, so this provides you great experience with quality material. No doubt this is the highest price among the entire mentioned bow but comparing to others no one bow will let you experience such faster speed.
Salient Features: Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity25”-30”draw lengthPast-parallel limb technologySingle cam yet at 340 fpsPlanar Flex riser Things I LikedListed in the fastest bows with 340f/secondAdjustable draw lengthNo need to swap cams Things I Didn’t LikeDraw cycle is little aggressiveNot in range for allBeginners need more practice to use thisBest youth Compound Bow:If you are a teenager and looking for a compound bow that let you experience smooth and accurate archery, Barnett Vortex is an ideal choice for you. The bow comes in different verity and made up while keep focusing the junior hunters. Usually the bows designed for adults but this one is specifically made for under the age of 18.
This bow will not let your child feel uncomfortable or tired even after practicing with this bow. The draw weights available under 24lbs to 45lbs that provide hours of shooting fun. The teenagers will experience a new way of hunting in the woods.

The bow is perfectly fit for all of you, as it falls under the low mid-price range having all of the required features that a teenager need. This bow is available at extremely affordable price that everyone can easily afford. You don’t need to worry about it if you are buying it for your teenagers but not a perfect choice for adults.
Salient Features: Lightweight compound bow Function as Barnett’s full-sized bows Best for young and beginning archers Adjustable draw modules Doubles as carrying case Come with three arrows and bow arrow holder Things I Liked Highly adjustable bow Enough powerful for beginners Very comfortable in size Easy shooting options Affordable and lightweight Things I Didn’t Like Quiver is not satisfactory Arrow rest is not very good quality Best Compound Bow for women:

Best Compound Bow Review and Guide
I know the above shared bows might not looks very interesting for the females, but don’t get worried about. Here’s I have just for the females. Diamond Archery offers a great bow package for the female archers, this is a well-matched bow for small-frame shooters.
You can easily adjust the bow without using bow press. Diamond Infinite bow package come with 5-70lbs and 13”- 36” draw length, so this is perfect for female shooters. Several adjustment features make this bow great for all age females. The bow come up with the 13-30inch draw length and 7-70lbs draw weight for better shooting experience.
Price is not much higher but it is not in the range of all. The bow can be listed under mid-range price bows but having all of the great features you will get more than expected. I would recommend the beginner female archer to buy this bow as this mid-range price bow can be used for long term and also save your money to buy more bows once you will get trained.
Salient Features: Complete accessory package includes3 Pin Apex SightHostage XL Arrow RestTube peep sightBCY String Loop Things I LikedBest for femalesEasy adjustable optionsFit for beginners and experts Things I Didn’t LikeNot fit for all men archersColor looks not much professionalHow to Choose the Right Compound Bow for YouYou can follow these steps before your buy your first bow:Step 1: Eye Dominance: Define your central eye, technically called ‘ocular dominance’ that means your brain favors graphic input from one eye to other. Find are you rightly or lefty?
1. Put your hands arm’s length, create a triangular using your thumbs and figures.
2. Keep the eyes open look see through the space then center it on something, like a doorknob.
3. Close eyes one by one, the dominant eye retains the knob focused in the triangle.
Step 2: Draw Length: Now define your draw length, here’s the DIY which helps you to estimate your draw length:
1. You can measure your wingspan by standing straight and keep your arms extended to your sides and create the ‘T’ shape.
2. Ask friend who can measure tip from one other middle finger in a straight line.
3. Divide the number you get by 2.5 to estimate your draw length.
Step 3: Draw Weight: By measuring your draw weight you will determine how many pounds you can pull back and can draw with the bow.
1. There’s no need to go with a hard and fast rule for this simply begins with the low-poundage bow.
2. The more practice you will do with your bow the more weight you will be capable to draw.
The last step will be going to shooting level.
Tips for using compound bowAs we know today the bow power and technology have been combined so we need to know the proper use of bow. Here’s some of the useful time might be helpful for you to become an accurate archer.
Before choosing a bow make sure you have done your due diligence. Once you will know above shared tips before using a compound bow and consider the reviews it will be easy for you to make a right decision.

Once you will do knowing your bow requirements reading reviews buy them from a reliable source or buy it online.
FAQsA compound bow is a modern bow with a lever system; usually it operates with pulleys and bends the limbs. The limbs provide the bow energy I combination of pulley cams.
What is the brace height on a compound bow?The brace height is the distance between the string and pivot point. When the bow will be in rest position brace height will be closer to the string, while holding bow in hand.
What is let off on a compound bow?The bow that contains about 70 lb. highest draw load and 80% let-off will need the hunter to grip back simply 14 lb. once the bow range the maximum draw weight.
What factors must keep in mind to choose the best fir bow?You must have to consider your average draw weight and draw length when choosing a bow that will perfectly fit to your needs.
What materials are used to make a compound bow?A compound bow made with the components like stabilizers, riser, limbs and sights. Risers perfectly designed to make more rigid. The mid riser made with aluminum.

Best Compound Bow ReviewsMy goodness, if you will find this best compound bow buying guide helpful. I hope now you are able to choose a best fit bow to enjoy the amazing experience of archery. Buying the right kind of compound bow might be puzzling, however above share compound bow reviews help you to make the right decision. Happy Shopping!

Best Compound Bow Reviews 2018
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