Archery industry believes that every hunter enthusiast must have a bow stabilizer which plays an essential part to improve your skills. According to research, it is regarded as an optional accessory especially if you want to shoot out beyond 40 yards, or you prefer a lightweight bow.

I will also recommend that stabilizers are meant for hunters who want to improve their archery skill and also novice since it helps to reduce the level of bows weight.

How does a bow stabilizer work?

Bow stabilizers have two main advantages. First, it serves as a sound dampener and shock dampener. When you release your arrow, there’s a lot of energy moving through your bow. A stabilizer will help keep your rig steady, improving your accuracy and reducing fatigue. Second, stabilizers help keep a drawn bow steady by widening the center of gravity. This keeps your arrow from bouncing around in the pin and should help you take down game on the first shot.

Best Bow Stabilizers 

KTech 7 Bows Stabilizer

Ktech Design Ktech Tech 7 bow StabilizerThe KTech 7 bow stabilizer is well built to provide you with top notch features and durability. Not only does it improve your hunting needs but also helps to improve your bow balance and lessen any noise and vibration from the bow.

It is 100% CNC machined hence assuring that you will use the bow for years to come. Besides, the patent interlocking feature makes the process of adjustability with less effort.


  • Includes an anti-reflective coating for longevity
  • Highly tempered to prevent breakage and chipping
  • It is easy to tune and lightweight
  • Includes a sidebar, string stop unit, and a stabilizer

LimbSaver Hunters Bow Stabilizer

LimbSaver LS Hunter Bow StabilizerThis LimbSaver bow stabilizer is one of the archery best hunting companions. It is well designed to eliminate extra vibration from every shot that you make.

The well-constructed carbon finish frame comes with a dampening technology that allows the stabilizer to knock out noise. On the other hand, the removable and installed Broadband node tends to provide the bow with solid stability. It is 100% crafted in USA hence you are assured to get a top notch and original stabilizer.


  • It is lightweight and has an outstanding length
  • Length: 9.5”; Weight: 6 ounce
  • Requires no technical knowledge to install
  • It can easily be used for outdoor hunting since it is extremely durable
  • It comes with different colors such as Muddy Girl, Black, Realtree Extra Green camouflage, etc

LimbSaver AWS Modular Stabilizer

LimbSaver AWS Modular compound bow StabilizerThe LimbSaver Modular Bow Stabilizer is the real ultimate add-on for a more customized and balance control, shock suppressor and noise reduction on your compound bow. The AWS (Adjustable Weight System) comes with a skeleton zed design and NAVCOM technology that allows you to get various frequencies in one package: bow torque, hands shock, and vibration.

The system also has an additional sliding weight innovation which helps in fine tuning the balance of your bow. In all, the extra modular design allows you to remodel the stabilizer elements by simply removing or adding nodes.


  • Well built to withstand harsh environment
  • It is available in 6 ½ and 91/2 inch model
  • Efficiently made to reduce extra vibration and noise
  • The sliding weight supports the bows balance
  • Easy to use and install
  • Overall: Quality stabilizer for your money

Hi-Tek Sports Eclipse 3d Stabilizer

Hi-Tek Sports Eclipse 3D bow StabilizerHave fun and enjoy your hunting experience with the top of the line 3D stabilizer by Hi-Tek. It is a 100% CNC machined aluminium body with sturdy end caps.

The high level of vibration is also reduced by the silica sand mixture which is filled in the eclipse main shaft. It is and will always be the finest 3D compound stabilizer in the market.


  • Includes sand trap technology to prevent vibration
  • The weight out design allows you to hold the stabilizer steadier
  • Verdict: It is a must have stabilizer for all sufficient stability in less than $70

KTech String Stop Brack Bow Stabilizer

KTech String Stop Bracket with 5 Inch Rod KitRelive that epic hunt with the best bow stabilizer by KTech, mounted on your bow with ease. The housing itself features a precision of aluminum construction that allows you to enjoy your hunting adventure for years to come. I can only sum up in three words: Strong, stealthy and silent bow.


  • Very lightweight and easy to use
  • Comes with a string for optimum accuracy and preventing bow torque
  • Well constructed with CNC aluminum
  • Very silent bow and durable

Best Bow Stabilizer For The Money

LimbSaver Windjammer Bow Stabilizer

LimbSaver Windjammer Stabilizer with Balancing SystemIt is a perfectly made bow that is crafted to withstand most of bowhunting adventures. This low-cost bow stabilizer from LimbSaver is a great value without sacrificing durability. The most crucial thing that I like about this bow is the included micro-beads of NAVCOM material which are well protected with an aluminium body.

The level of noise from your bow will be dramatically reduced thanks to the counterbalance system which significantly helps to balance the grip. Overall: it is an absolute, time saver and suitable stabilizer.


  • It is quite easy to adjust the balance of the sight and quiver
  • Every part is bolted in its position and ready to stabilize your bow
  • The pivot points are integral and undefined versatility
  • Includes 360 degrees offset tuning
  • Length 7”; Diameter 1.3” and Weight 10.14 oz
  • Features a universal front-rear balancing system for maximum tuning
  • Reduces bow jump and hand shock

Honorable Mentions

KTech Design 5 Stabilizer

Ktech Design Ktech Tech 5 Stabilizer Lost CamoThe KTech Design 5 stabilizer is a great piece of gear. The only reason why it ended up with an honorable mention is that we like the new and improved model better. But if you’re looking to save a few bucks this is a great runner-up to our top pick. It has a soft-touch feeling for ultimate stealth. No to mention it utilizes the Harmonic Stabilizer Technology hence having a lightweight bow than usual.

Each port comes with three Grooves that help in providing different configurations of Damper and Harmonic Stabilizer. The non-toxic and non-flammable feature gives you optimum security and safety while hunting.


  • Includes a weather lock technology
  • 100% odorless
  • Come with a heat displacement technology
  • 100% guaranteed that you will get an increase in bow performance and longevity
  • Will never freeze
  • It is environmentally safe to use

PSE Vibracheck Omega 5″ Stabilizer

PSE Vibracheck Omega 5 StabilizerYou will be extremely pleased with this high quality and efficient Vibracheck stabilizer by PSE. It is one of the likable stabilizers ever offered; the Omega 5” comes with excellent isolator technology that uses a rod suspension in an enclosed and special gel. This makes the stabilizer provide outstanding vibration absorption.


  • Weight: 7oz
  • The isolator technology helps the stabilizer to enact positive pressure to the bow
  • Professionally made to reduce extra vibration
  • Comes with an upright design hence making it easier to install
  • Very lightweight
  • Overall: It is a real vibrant check stabilizer for any archery enthusiast

Things to look for in a compound bow stabilizer

Stabilizer Length

The length of your bow stabilizer also matters. The longer it is, the more it will tend to resist bow torque and improve sturdiness. Lightweight and 6” stabilizers are meant for hunters who want to shoot at about 15-20yards.But if you are a 70 meters targeter, then you need to select a 30” stabilizer which more powerful.

Noise Vibration

The one-shot noise of a stabilizer tends to annoy the archer. This can be reduced by determining the design of the rod and integral chamber size. By fitting a rubber vibration, it will help in reducing the level of noise by 90%. They are meant to be mounted at the end of short and long rods.

Other Considerations

  • Stabilizer weight
  • Check the manufacturer’s reputation; are they known to make outstanding stabilizer?
  • Search for awell-machinedd bushing and a firm fit to the bow
  • Don’t forget to check the balance of the rods
  • Always experiment and find a stabilizer that gives you the best groupings
  • Not that, good appearance and finish don’t hurt, but performance is paramount
  • Check the gripping characteristics by ensuring your bow is not too heavy and should be sturdy when aiming.

Why use a bow stabilizer?

If you have ever selected and purchased the best arrows in the market, then you typically know that we use a spine reference chart for a precise selection. While choosing a stabilizer all you have to view are different prices and photographs. A stabilizer is made to increase the level of accuracy in two ways:

Mechanical Improvement

It is the aiming ability between your hands and the bow. In other words, the tighter you grip the bow stabilizer, the more you will strengthen your groupings and make them tight. It is quite simple to direct your finger in that position.

Mental Improvement

It is a less straightforward ability that tends to confuse different archers in several ways. At this point, you need to learn how to control your stability, form and shot execution. If you struggle in one area, it becomes difficult to monitor other areas. The process involves:

  • When a stabilizer increases more stability to the bow, your sight picture tends to move slowly hence covering less area on the target. The increase in confidence helps you to relax mentally which reduces the struggle while focusing at the dot center. At this point, your frame and form are quite soften hence it becomes much easier to hold the bow with less muscle. The overall metal relation and stability helps you to speed up your shot execution.
  • Bow stabilizer also helps to absorb the vibration in the bow while shooting, thus reducing the shock in your hands and also making the bow quieter. It also adds weight below the grip which helps to keep the bow at a balanced level.
  • Stabilizer tends to prevent the torque from happening by adding weight in front of the bow.


I have reviewed my top ten best bow stabilizer in the market today. However, there are few of them that I would like you to choose depending on their efficiency and weight. The Limb Saver stabilizers will never let you down, thanks to the NAVCOM material and counterbalance system that makes them unique of all other models.

Also, you can never go wrong with Ktech Stabilizers. In fact, they have been my favorite stabilizers and hunting companion four years. Just to remind you: the Ketch provides you with 360 degrees tuning, weather lock tech and comes with a universal riser for maximum balance. Not to mention they are the most silent stabilizers in the market.

If you always want to increase your shooting accuracy, then never forget to carry a bow stabilizer. Also keep in mind that if you happen to purchase a heavy weight bow, then it will be difficult for you to aim, raise and hold as desired. Additionally, consider choosing a stabilizer that provides less weight at the end since it will be much easier to lift the bow.

You can also opt to add more weight on the side rods, and soiled v-bar might be required to allow you to experiment different angles such as 90 degrees to the angled rod, long rod, to the archer and straight back. Note that the chosen v-bar must be very firm and robust hence preventing accidental movement after a shot. Without a doubt, I hope you can now make an informed bow sight purchase for yourself and your bow.

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