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Which the Best Compound Bow

Find the best compound bow for the money.So you discovered this article trying to find out which the best compound bow is but we will fail you from the beginning because such thing doesn’t exist.
In our best compound bow reviews guide below, we will try to help you obtain the best compound bow for the money that better fits your demands.

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When you try to pick your compound bow you should consider certain elements such as your level of expertise your physique and not things like which bow looks the coolest or which brand is the most advertised.
Now, follow our guidelines below and be sure to make the best choice.

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What are the basic features to acknowledge when looking for a compound bow?

 Draw Length

A fundamental difference between compound bows and other bows like recurve and longbows is that at compound bows the distance you can draw back your bow is specific and controlled by a mechanical system found at your bow, in comparison to recurve bows and longbows that can be drawn at any distance.

That specific distance that you can draw your compound bow is called “Draw length”.

As we noted above the draw length at compound bows is controlled by a mechanical system.

Let’s say you have set your draw length to 28 inches. That means that you will have to shoot ONLY from the full draw distance of 28’’ not less neither more (if you try to draw your bow more than 28’’ you will hit a “wall” and simply will not be able to stretch it more).

It is really easy to understand when you have reached the Draw length distance because you will feel the bow to “lock”.

Now, you are ready to aim & shoot.

But how can you know which the perfect draw length is for you?
Well, this has to do with your physical size.
To calculate your draw length you just have to find your arms span.
Hold your arms at your sides parallel to your chest (don’t overspread) and measure from one hand’s middle fingertip to the other’s.
Divide that number with 2, 5 and you have found your ideal draw length.

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Draw Weight

  • When you draw your bow to its Draw length you will feel a certain amount of weight.
  • This amount of weight you feel is called “Draw weight”.
  • More draw weight means more powerful and faster shots.
  • Your ideal draw weight is calculated by your age and weight and you can check the table below for more information.
  • If you are not sure which is your exact draw weight try this to disclose. See if you can keep the bow at its draw length without shaking for 1 minute, if you can do it you have chosen the right bow.
  • Brace Height Brace height is the space separating the string and the pivot point of the bow when in rest.
  • This is the point where your skill comes in play.
  • A smaller brace height bow gives you better acceleration but also makes it more difficult to shoot.
  • Therefore bows with smaller brace height are better for experienced shooters, and the opposite applies for taller brace height bows.

Bow Length 

  • Remember how we calculated the Draw length above?
  • Keep that in mind because you will need it to find out your ideal bow length.
  • Use the same technique to measure your arm span but this time don’t divide it by 2, 5.
  • Now that you have this number check the table below to find out your bow length.
  • Let-off percentage
  • Let-off percentage is the percentage that a compound bow’s draw weight is drop to when in full draw.
  • Which means if you have a bow with 60 lbs. draw weight and a let-off percentage of 80% you will feel only 12 lbs. of weight when in full draw.
  • This will help you to hold and aim with your bow for extended periods of time.
  • The majority of the compound bows have 75% to 80% let-off percentage.
  • Again if you are not sure about which let-off percentage better suits you test some bows before you buy one.



  • FPS stands for Feet Per Second and is used to measure the acceleration of the arrow.
  • To calculate the FPS of a compound bow, some standards were set by the International Bowhunting Association
  • So when you see the FPS of a bow, have in mind that it has been measured with the below standards:
  • Draw Weight of 70 lbs.350 Grain arrowDraw Length of 30’’
  • So when you buy a bow be aware that the FPS will be different depending of its draw weight, draw length and the arrows you use.


Top 5 copound bows (Experienced users)
Best compound bow for beginners As a beginner looking to buy a crossbow you don’t have to buy the fastest compound bow neither the most expensive .

You should buy a good compound bow that is easy to use, reliable and low budget because this will be a bow that you will use to master the basics of archery, until you replace it with another one more suited for an experience at that time archer.

The basic criteria to consider as a beginner to find which the best beginner compound bow is are:


What draw weight bow should a beginner buy?

The draw weight should be relatively low for the following reasons:

By shooting with a low draw weight crossbow the learning process becomes easier because you develop the motor skillYou will not be able to concentrate and learn the proper shooting form with a heavy draw weight bow.You will be able to make more repetitions so you will build your muscles’ memory making the shooting much easier.It is easier to get injured by using a heavy draw weight than a lower draw weight which will put you out of action and will stop your progress.


Ideal Brace Height 

  • Beginners should buy taller brace height bows because they do no need as much accuracy and skill as the ones with short brace height.
  • You might lose a bit in power and speed but you will gain a lot in the long run.
  • Let-off percentage for beginners
  • The let-off percentage chosen by a beginner should be as high as possible.
  • This will make him able to hold the drawn bow longer and be more focused learning how to shoot.
  • Also all the reasons for buying a low weight bow apply for Let off percentage too.
  • If you follow our advice you will not be for sure the guy on youtube

Which the Best Compound Bow
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