Who invented the crossbow in the first place? It can seem like a tricky question, but its invention can be dated back to the year 6bc, where it was used as a weapon by the military.  Back then, it was a bow and arrow, but now it is modified with more interesting and useful features.

It has a bow fixed to a mount known as a stock. The idea to improve the crossbow was to help hold rocks and bullets with less effort. It also has bolts and screws which ensure a consistent weight thus enhancing a predictable action. The whole process of firing mechanism involves pulling back a lever at which point the bow is fixed, ready to fire.


Best Crossbow Guide and Review

It is extremely accurate and has a wide range especially when compared to the traditional bow and arrow. It is cost effective since it uses reusable bolts.

Currently, crossbows’ are used for target shooting, modernized hunting, and many other sports competitions. In all, the fishing industry also uses the best crossbow technology for several purposes which include tagging sea creatures for tissue sampling and monitoring purposes.

It is also relevant in the military, though not at a hunting capacity. The crossbow is a perfect description of modernization at its best.Best Crossbow

10 Best Crossbow 2017 Review


SA Sports Fever Crossbow PackageThe SA Sports Fever crossbow is an amazing bow with a near flawless construction. It is fully manufactured in Taiwan, thus you are100% assured to get a top notch product. It has no defects, easy to use.

You will positively expect the features and specifications to work as desired. In other words, it does what is perfectly designed to do. It targets well and does not spook the prey while in use. Any object targeted by this crossbow must surely come down due to its power.

This crossbow package can be assembled easily by the user and does not require a qualified person or a manufacturer to assemble.


  • It comes with quality cocking rod with handles thus enhancing exact pulls which result in straight and accurate shots.
  • It is easy to assemble. Easy to read instructions come with this crossbow.
  • There is minimal vibration when switching on and off.
  • Penetration is significantly achieved due to its speed.
  • A high momentum is rampant in this crossbow.



Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package (Quiver, 3 - 20-Inch Arrows and Premium Red Dot Sight)It is considered as one of the amazing crossbow that is highly likable and available in the market. It has a high selling rate due to its amazing features and affordability.

The Barnett arrows do not depreciate or wear out no matter how many shots they have been used to take. Its string is waxed every 5-10 minutes, and it is provided in the package.

It has a perfect sight which enables hunters to hit the prey accurately. Its popularity has increased with time owing to its significant abilities.


  • High speed is achieved by this crossbow
  • One “chopstick like” tube of wax is provided
  • Reliable, efficient and durable arrows made of aluminum are part of the package
  • Arrows shot by this crossbow reach extremely far distances
  • A very decent scope is experienced by the users
  • It has a 3-dot sighting in alignment
  • A vertical set screw achieves adjustments
  • Includes three vertical LEDs



KingsArchery Self-Cocking Crossbow Bundle with Adjustable Sights, Spare Crossbow String and Caps, 27 Aluminim Arrow Bolt Set-Unlike many other crossbows, it comes with a perfect set of hardware. It also bears one of the lowest prices in the market. The lightweight feature makes it perfect for hunter to move around with less distraction.

It is also recommended for sporty activities involving minors as long as they have firearm etiquette. The endless arrows are allowing users to take many subsequent shots.

With this best crossbow, shot after shot can be taken without wasting chances and time in between shots.

It is one of the lightest crossbows available and is appropriate for users who engage in activities involving lots of transportation.


  • The package has a total of 27 aluminum bolts which consist of 3 aluminum arrow bolts and 24 bonus arrow bolts.
  • It has an adjustable sight which enables you to hit the target accurately.
  • The lever provided is self-cocking for quick shots
  • A powerful momentum makes it efficient.
  • It has a durable string which has a huge life span, and a spare one in case of damage.



 Best Crossbow -SA Sports Empire Terminator 260 FPS Crossbow, 175-Pound, Black CamoThis is a high-quality crossbow which bears the best value and quality in the industry. It has excellent adjustability and high-performance power.

It is easy to assemble and can be put in place within 20 minutes. It comes with all the hardware required to function.

The strings are easily attached to the limbs by the manufacturer.


  • An excellent scope is provided
  • Quality aluminum arrows
  • Allen wrenches which it make useful
  • The package includes a detach quiver, rope cocker and Allen wrenches
  • An adequate amount of string wax
  • A sturdy and durable bow
  • It has a shoulder stock that is adjustable which makes it very comfortable to carry.
  • This crossbow is lightweight which makes it easy to carry
  • It has a perfect sight which enhances accurate shots. This crossbow is a blast.



Barnett Recruit Compound Crossbow Package, BlackBarnett recruit compound crossbow is the perfect crossbow for all small-framed hunters. Its small size results into the crossbow being light and ideal for moving around.

Has an adjustable butt stock which enables the user to make any necessary adjustments to the bow as required.

Generally defines an excellent scope and five levels of red and green in its illuminated three dots.

This gives a perfect view of the target and as a result, accurate shots are achieved.


  • The package comes with Easton bolts which are very efficient and durable.
  • This crossbow has smooth trigger pulls which enhance safety to the user.
  • The high scope adjustment that it has gives a perfect view of the prey.
  • Hardware that comes with this crossbow is the easiest to assemble and can take less than ten minutes to bolt on the parts.



Barnett Outdoors Brotherhood Crossbow Package, CamoWhen the Brotherhood joined Barnett to design an amazing new crossbow jointly, they surely knew that something amazing would come out of it. For 7 pounds only, they crafted  this best crossbow with much passion and zeal.

It incorporates the skills of two manufacturers thus giving the complete combination of top notch crossbow qualities.


  • This crossbow has an excellent speed of up to 350fps with 109ft. /lbs. This means that it is a powerful package.
  • It has an awesome trigger system which gives a smooth shot of 3.5lb.
  • It is very easy to assemble. The fact that only one bolt connects the limb to the frame eases it more.
  • This crossbow is neither light nor flimsy. It has an excellent balance between its weight and overall feel of the crossbow. This makes it very comfortable to use.
  • Since it is highly compact, this crossbow has a great stability when shooting.
  • Noise in this crossbow is minimal. This ensures that the prey stays still providing a great opportunity to shoot.
  • The scope is excellent and can be adjusted to provide a better view of the target and accurate shots.



Leader Accessories Crossbow Package 175lbs 360fps with Quiver and 4pcs of 20 inch Aluminum ArrowThis is a well-built crossbow with high-quality hardware. It is easy to assemble, and its price range is affordable. It is appropriate for all crossbow activities.

The well designed bolts tend to travel at a very high speed thus increasing the accuracy of the shots fired by this best crossbow.


  • The scope is really excellent, and it enables the hunter to make accurate shots, owing to the excellent view that the scope provides.
  • This crossbow has lots of power, with a weight of 175 pounds.
  • Bright colors are involved in its design and finishing, making it attractive compared to other crossbows in the industry.
  • An anti-dry-fire mechanism in this crossbow ensures that you don’t make a dry fire when using it.
  • With this crossbow comes all that is needed for its use. This comprises of a padded sling, scope, quiver, four aluminum arrows, cocking rope and lube wax.
  • Assembly is easy and comes with easy to read instructions on how to fix the hardware right.
  • It has a heavy duty cross bar which is very durable.



Carbon Express Intercept Axon Crossbow Kit (Rope Cocker, 3 Arrow Quiver, 3 Crossbolts, Rail Lubricant, 3 Practice Points, 4x32 Glass-Etched Reticle Lighted Scope)This is an amazing crossbow which is robust in design. It is perfectly made with quality hardware and has parts that are durable. It is totally functional with minimal faults.

Its assembly is not complicated as it comes with instructions that are easy to read and understand. It can even take less than 30 minutes.

With its accuracy, users can hardly miss their target. It is perfect for hunting activities


  • This crossbow has great optics which makes it extremely accurate
  • The design is brilliant and thought out with no manufacturer defects
  • Excellent optics in this crossbow gives a very good view of the prey
  • There is an amazing weight balance in it which makes it easy to use. It is neither too heavy nor too light
  • It has a beautiful design, and its outlook is amazing
  • Everything in this crossbar is adjustable. This includes the scope,foregrip, stock and the quiver.
  • This crossbar appropriate for a large number of uses since it can be adjusted to suit the users.



 Best Crossbow -Wicked Ridge by TenPoint Invader G3 Crossbow Package with ACU-52This is a newly designed crossbow in the market, and comes with unique features. Not to mention that you will receive a sturdy perfectly made crossbow by Wicked Ridge.

A newly designed aluminum riser, strategically fitted to increase strength and reduce weight. Limbs are also superior and strong powered by an energy wheel, which is equipped with a strong string, tunable yokes, and sturdy cables.


  • It comes with a powerful trigger, which fires bolts at far distances.
  • New safety features which include nylon safety wings reinforced by glass are present.
  • Handles have a rope cocker which makes it the best shooter.
  • A 3 line scope is present, and it gives this crossbow a high level of accuracy.
  • Most parts of this crossbar are adjustable hence the crossbow is useful for a variety of uses.
  • The level of accuracy and momentum is quite high, and it enhances perfect penetration to bring the prey down.
  • Assembly is easy with no requirement of special skills or a technician.



Barnett Outdoors Ghost 360 CRT Crossbow Package, Large, CamoThe Ghost 360 is a type of crossbar that can be used to target objects from all directions. It has a compact bow and stock which enhances stability.

It is the best crossbow for target shooting. This Ghost 360 has an incredible speed, weight and size balance which enables you to have proper control of the crossbar when firing it has a perfect compact design which is great for hunting

  • Features
  • Safety being a priority, this crossbar is not an exception. It has an excellent safety system.
  • The trigger system is brilliant, similar to all premiums Barnett bows.
  • At only 7.0 pounds, this crossbar has a perfect balance.
  • An anti-dry fire trigger in it enhances the safety of this crossbar. It has a safety bar that remains constant until the arrow seats firmly and it’s only then that the safety bar is switched off.
  • With the crossbow come strong arrows which don’t wear out despite the many shots it is used to fire.


My Best Crossbow Review

  • SA SPORTS FEVER CROSSBOW:  It is a perfect crossbow for hunters owing to reach the high level of momentum and penetration. With this high penetration, you are assured to reach up to 60 yards. This has made modern hunting an enjoyable activity. It is also relatively cheap but has a high quality despite the low price. This feature makes it affordable to all. It also comes with easy to read instructions which enable the user to assemble the crossbow correctly. It is made of quality materials hence it is durable. You can use the arrows for ages without damage.
  • BARNETT OUTDOORS BROTHERHOOD CROSSBOW : This is another amazing crossbow sold by Amazon. It has a perfect weight, size and overall feel of the crossbow. Due to this feature, it is neither too light nor too flimsy. It has incorporated the skills of two powerful crossbow brands to come up with one amazing crossbow. Each brand covering up any manufacturing defects from the other. It is a faultless crossbow with an excellent scope. Its trigger system is also the best in the industry.

It has a very high speed which increases it accuracy and efficiency. This speed is necessary for users in the fishing industry as it ensures that the rate remains high even after the arrow gets into the water. It is the quietest crossbow.

The switching on and off and triggering does not spook the prey or cause any changes in the behavior. This makes it highly recommended to all the hunters. The compatibility of this crossbow is really high, hence the crossbow provides you with high stability.

It is also to assemble, with only a single bolt connecting the limb to the frame. It takes minimal time to assemble and does not require a professional.

This is surely an incredible package which I would recommend. It is suitable for all hunters. It can be used for hunting, sports and any other activities that the user may wish to engage in.

 How to Choose the Best Crossbow 2017                           

The craftsmanship of crossbows has been rampant over time hence the rise of many types of crossbows in the market. Every type has its distinctive features.

This gives the buyers a wide variety from which they can choose. It however also puts the consumer in a dilemma especially if you have little or no knowledge about the best crossbows.

Traditional bow hunters always thought that the ideal crossbow is one that can shoot the farthest distance. This, however, is a misconception because it’s not always about the distance.

The power of the shot is more important than the distance. It is, therefore, important to be knowledgeable when purchasing a crossbow.

Best Crossbow-part

To help you make that big decision, you should bear in mind several factors.

  • Design: There are two models in the market; recurve and compound. They are almost identical, but the compound crossbow has smaller limbs which is easy to transport and shoot in small areas.
  • Security: Just like all the other firearms, safety and protection in crossbows is important. There are high-end crossbows in the market which have a dual safety. You should be sure to check how loud the crossbow is when it’s switched on and off. This is to ensure that the crossbow does not spook while in use. You should, therefore, check on these sounds before purchasing the crossbow so as to ensure you buy an effective crossbow.

The crossbow should also have an anti-dry feature which prevents un-intended and accidental release, which can cause injuries to you and the bow. Security is, therefore, an important factor to consider when choosing the best crossbow.

best bow release

  • Material construction: Crossbows are manufactured differently. Some are made of molded plastics while others are laminated or made from resin coated plywood. Despite the fact that it is light in weight, a crossbow made of plastic gives off more shock or vibration when it is shot.
  • Price: Crossbows come with a variety of prices which mostly goes hand in hand with their quality. You may get a lower end crossbow whose quality is equally small. At this point, intending to adjust and upgrading, may cause you lots of trouble while using the bow. Quality is an important aspect, and therefore when choosing the best crossbow, it is advisable to purchase a high-end crossbow. Its price might be high, but it guarantees a trouble free service.
  • Cases: Just like any other weapons, crossbows require a good case which protects and prevents the crossbow from damage especially during transportation. They come in hard and soft shells. It is preferable to purchase a hard one if lots of transportation is to take place. The favorable crossbow should have a case that suits the needs of the crossbow user. `
  • Sights: Most crossbow sellers give a pre-mounted sight together with a crossbow. A variety of scopes is available. To choose the best crossbow, you should always check the sight in the package. Considering the above factors, you will surely choose the best crossbow in the market.

Why Draw Weight Matters

In addition to focusing on speed, the draw weight is also an area to focus on. This is a term that describes the amount of force that you need to draw the bow, and this force will increase as you draw the string further back. As a general rule of thumb, a reasonable draw weight for a quality crossbow is at least 150 pounds, and this will create a bolt speed of approximately 220 to 350 fps.
This is ideal for hunting smaller animals like deer, birds and rabbits. If you plan to hunt a larger animal with a crossbow, you will need at least 330 to 350 fps, and this will be created by a draw weight of at least 175 pounds. This is suitable for animals like caribou, elk and smaller bears.
If you are going to hunt grizzly bears, moose or other very large or dangerous animals, you will need at least a 200 pound draw weight that can reach a speed of at least 385 fps.
The Velocity of Your Arrow

When you are focusing on speed, it is important to understand more about velocity, which is measured in feet per second. The velocity will not remain constant, and for crossbows, the rating is indicated by the number of feet per second that the arrow travels during the first 20 to 30 yards. The minimum velocity that you may want to consider when selecting a crossbow is 200 fps.
However, remember that the actual velocity that you achieve with your crossbow will be determined in part by the weight of your arrows. Lighter arrows will travel faster than heavier arrows. When you are shopping for crossbows, the velocity that is advertised for the crossbow will be determined by the weight of the arrows that are included originally with the weapon.

Therefore, focus on the weight of the arrows when you are comparing the velocity between different models of crossbows.
The Importance of Power Stroke
The power stroke relates to how far back you can pull the string until it latches and is cocked. Generally, the power stroke will be between 10 and 14 inches on most models, and the models that have the longest power stroke will give you a more powerful shot. You should look for a model with the longest power stroke. However, keep in mind that the stroke needs to be adjusted properly according to the draw weight in order to get the best results, regardless of how long the power stroke is.
The Weight of the Crossbow
When you compare different crossbow models, you will also notice that the weight is a key factor. A heavier crossbow may be more difficult to line up a shot with on the fly and to maintain focus on when you have a target in sight. In addition, it can be more burdensome for you to carry over a longer distance when you are hunting.
However, there are benefits associated with having a heavier crossbow as well. For example, a heavier crossbow will create less noise and generate less vibration when shot. If you are hunting an animal with excellent senses, a heavier crossbow may be more suitable.
Typically, recurve crossbows are lighter due to the fact that compound crossbows have more attachments and components. However, this is a general rule of thumb and is not a guaranteed fact. In addition, some models are sold with the weight of only the crossbow advertised.
Others are sold with the weight of attachments, such as scopes and arrows, included in the weight. Take time to research what the weight includes as you make your comparison.

The Type of Cocking System
There are also different types of cocking systems to choose from, and the two main types are crank cocking and rope cocking. Cocking may be done manually, but it can be dangerous. Because of this, many of the modern models come with an aid system or feature. A rope cocking aid can decrease the weight of your crossbow by half, and these are generally simple and easy aids to use, although there is a slight learning curve for first-time shooters.
The other option is a crank aid, which is permanently mounted to the crossbow. This is different from a rope cocking aid, which is removed after each use. The crank aid can also reduce the draw weight.
Generally, the make and model of your crossbow coupled with your personal preference will be a deciding factor when you make your decision about which type of cocking system to use.

How to safely use a crossbow


Popular is a dilemma people have faced when they want to purchase several crossbows. This is due to the rampant crossbow market and the trending features that come with every new crossbow. This dilemma can actually turn into a blessing by taking advantage of the huge variety that exists to ensure that you buy the best.

Purchasing safe and efficient crossbow revolves around one fact; information. With all the necessary information on the features of the crossbow, you can quickly ascertain what is rampant and what’s missing in a particular product. That will lead you to purchase the best crossbow.

The purpose of the crossbow is also an important factor that buyers should consider . As the purposes of crossbows increase with time, several features also incorporate your preferred selection. The features that are explicitly listed above enable you to purchase the best.

This is the transformation that has taken place on this useful firearm. More improvement is expected and only time can tell the heights that this firearm will make. With all the information listed above, you will surely get the latest and best crossbow in the market.

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