Recurve Bow Review

Martin Archery Saber Takedown Recurve Bow Review

The Martin Archery Saber Take down Recurve Bow is one of the best hunting recurve bow that you can buy. It has one of the top rated recurve bows on

Martin Archery Saber Takedown Recurve Bow Review

When you come to the archery world, the list can’t be complete without including Martin Archery Saber Company. This company has been in operation of producing archery weapon and materials in over 30 years.

In this review, I am going to tell you all about Martin Archery company, their products, some advantages and disadvantages of their products as compared to its competitors.Martin Archery Company is a company that was founded by Gail and his wife Eva Martins in 1951. Since then, this company has always been maintained by Martins family. Throughout its existence, the company has seen about three generations of Martins family.

Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow
Currently it’s being driven by Terry and Ryan, Martins grandsons, who are specialized in compound designing of modern archery weapons.
Initially it used to produce just a mere custom arrows, bowstrings, quality recurves and archery accessories but currently, it has advanced into producing both modern and traditional archery weapons to suit all archer’s needs.

There main areas of specialization includes manufacturing of traditional bows, compound bows and bowstrings.

Martin’s Recurve bow

If you have seen or used Martin’s latest recurve bow, you will agree with me that truly this company is revolutionizing the archery world.
Martins recurve bow is a special bow which is specially designed with everyone in mind.Its risers is constructed using aluminium instead of the common wood in the traditional bow.Its handle is also specially designed to give you appropriate grip, support and comfort while carrying or using it.
It’s also user friendly because it actually mate all standards of health conditions and fittings. To those who have problem with sweating hands, then don’t worry. Martin’s recurve bow’s handle is designed and equipped with necessary sweat resistant equipment to enable you take appropriate shoot target with a lot of concentrations once you hold it—I assure you that you won’t let it go.

SAS Spirit 62 Take Down Recurve Bow

Its arrow rest is made up of rubber. In spite of being good in taking down the shots, with time it experience serious wear and tear. If you experience this, then don’t worry. You can opt to replace the rubber with metallic arrow rest which is quite cheap and affordable in various stores or in Martin’s Archery.The arrow rest is able to accommodate both rubber and metallic arrow rests from any archery store worldwide.
The recurve bow’s limb is quality designed with glass and laminated wood which adds value to its existence quality.

Special features

Martins recurve bow has special features which makes it to be more eloquent in its operations and unique than its competitors, the features are:
1. Gripped handles.This quality enables it to give you appropriate comfort and support while taking down the target or when carrying it.

Its handle is also fitted with Thermal V grip protector which gives you appropriate support in case you have issues with sweaty or slippery hands.
2. Riser.Its riser is manufactured using aluminium. Aluminium being the lightest metal and durable metal, enables the bow to be lighter and easier to carry around and also makes it to be long-lasting and durable than the previous model which was constructed using wood.It’s also fitted with 2 —Vibration Vortex which reduces vibration while taking a shot enabling you to take quite good shot.
3. Limb. Its detachable and powerful limb is made using glass and laminated wood to ensure that it lasts longer. However, the primary aim of designing it using the above material is to ensure that it sends the arrow faster over along distant.
4. Arrow rest. Its arrow rest is designed using rubber to make it more comfortable. The arrow port is also flexible enough to accommodate any other arrow rest. That’s why they give you an option of replacing it with any other arrow rests whether metallic, if you want it to last longer.

Spyder Takedown Recurve Bow

It has durable and light-weighted riser.• Its fitted with vibration reducing dampener• It has a comfortable and supportive hand gripped handles.• It’s more accurate when taking down the target.• It’s cheaper and more affordable
Because it’s fitted with a rubber arrow rest, you may have to replace it with metallic arrow rest if you want a more durable arrow rest.

With the above features and pros, I would recommend Martin’s recurve bow to anyone who is doing archery. It’s comfortable, light weight, supportive, accurate, long string to ensure that you shoot longest and above all, it’s cheaper and affordable to everyone whether in high or low income earning group.

If you think of venturing into archery world, don’t forget Martins archery Recurve bow, it will surely earn you great value to your money.

Martin Archery Saber Takedown Recurve Bow Review
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