A recurve bow is specially designed as an efficient and effective weapon for sports and hunting. It is quite light in weight and short, but also accurate and fast.

It is important to grasp that the draw recurve weight is calculated according to your body weight. Any draw can be used for target practice, but if you are planning to use it for hunting, it should be 40lbs minimum.

How to Purchase and Select the Best Recurve Bow

Buying and choosing the ideal recurve bow is seemingly not a simple task since you need to have adequate knowledge and skill. However, it can be a straightforward and fun experience if you answer the following questions.

Why Do You Want to Use a Recurve Bow?

  • Target Practice Only: Any bow can be used for target practice, and that’s why you should choose from one of my best ten recurve bows(below). Each of them are guaranteed for target practice. Choose one that best fits your budget.
  • Hunting bow: Note that not all recurve bows are suitable for hunting. The only thing that matters at this point is the bows draw weight. This refers to the amount of energy or force that you need to apply when pulling the bow string over a long distance. The more the draw weight, the more force you will need to travel your arrow further.

Best Recurve Bow Reviews

How Heavy Should Your Bow Be?

The actual weight of the bow is also as important as selecting the draw weight. While shooting, you will eventually need to hold the bow for a period.

Lots of reliable recurve weight between 2 to 3.5 pounds, which are considered as the safe weight for beginners. But three pounds or less is perfect for both skilled and semi-skilled hunters.

 How About the Length of the Recurve?

Select a bow that is at least twice your draw length. For instance, if you have a 28” draw length, a 56” or more recurve will be just perfect for you. The longer the bow, the more it will increase its accuracy.

 Do you want to accessorize your recurve?

You can decide to attach the recurve with a bow or any other accessory. However, some recurve are meant for different attachments. In all, archery enthusiasts suggest not to use any additions excepts stick and string.

 What Arrows Should I Purchase?

Try spreading your arms while making sure they remain in a straight position to the floor. Without pulling your shoulder blades together, allows someone to use a measuring tape and figure out the distance between your middle fingers and divide the value by 2.5.The process is assured to give you a solid draw length estimate.

 My Top Ten Best Recurve Bow Reviews and Guide

Now that you have grasped the essential questions surrounding your bows selection allow me to introduce to you my favorite ten recurve bow guide and reviews.


Best Recurve Bow Reviews-Samick Sage Takedown Recurve BowThere is a real reason behind this quintessential piece, and that is why Samick Sage is one of best brands that deliver top notch equipment.

It is well designed with beginners in mind28.” since you can upgrade with much ease from one skill level to another. It is advisable first to start with lower draw weight to avoid further disappointments.

Samick Sage represents this best and reasonably priced option for those who want to start with target practice to a steady hunting technique.


  • It comes with smooth draw hence releasing unnoticeable vibrations
  • The tips are well protected with Phenolic plastic. Thus the bow can easily accept the Fast Flight Strings
  • Has a fiberglass layer on top to provide the limbs with longevity and adequate resistance to bending
  • The riser is easily customizable (you can attach accessories) and made from a laminated Olive Dymondwood and HardMaple.
  • You can purchase the limbs separately to decrease or increase your desired weight
  • Seven ¼ to 8 ¼ of an inch is the ideal or recommended brace height
  • Recommended draw length is 29.”
  • It has a well-crafted design

Verdict: Determining the real life performance of your best recurve bow is typically regarded as the most critical part. Samick Sage is a real life performance and an excellent selection for a lifelong purchase. Not but’s of if’s. It is the best return investment for entry level archers.



Spyder Takedown Recurve BowIt is a new and upgraded design by Samick Sage which has a variety of notable features. Thanks to me, I had a chance to hunt with this best recurve bow. It comes with standard and majestic Allen wrench, arrow rest and a bow string.

It is as if it was taken directly from the Lord of the Rings. Don’t keep it inside the cabinets when not in use, let it out in your living room and thank the Samick Sage art for an active redwood flashy layer and well polished visual design. Simplicity defines the complex feature that comes with this unique recurve bow.

Not to mention the riser is reinforced with hard edges and limb pockets hence providing you with a lightweight, sleeker and luxury like experience.


  • The Sage total bow length is 62.”
  • Guaranteed to get a one year warranty from the Southwest Archery USA
  • Includes a flush limb bolts hence providing a sleek feeling and look
  • Has an optional ready to shoot package: the stringer tool, the bow, string, and three premium carbon arrows: an armguard and a hard case.
  • I won’t forget to mention that is a perfect bow for a right handed and left handed person. Thus: A right handed bow is designed, to be held by your left hand, hence pulling off the string with your right hand. Left-hand bows are designed to be held in the right hand, then pull the string with your right hand.

Verdict: I personally love this recurve bow; I can’t get enough of it. It is perfectly made for both bow fishing, target archery, and hunting. When I have quenched my hunting thirst, I usually display it in my living room to add a vivid appeal. It weighs about 2.7 pounds, which makes it easier for me to carry around. It is an exact and indefinite quality piece of engineering. Included extras make it a perfect selection if you want to get all tools in one purchase.



SAS Spirit 62 Take Down Recurve BowSpirit Takedown recurve bow is crafted for both family recreations in the backyard as well as hunting trips into the woods. It is a great bow for novice hunter and recommended to be used by 5’7 feet tall shooter.

You have adequate durability guarantee, thanks to the most praised trees in Asia (arborea, gmelina, chuglam). Not only that, they have given this best recurve bow an attractive cream to pale yellow color.


  • The Spirit take down is recommended for right-hand users
  • Maximum draw weight is 36, and available versions include 26, 30, 32 and 36
  • Features strong and durable fiberglass limbs
  • Guaranteed to get a three year SAS (Southland Archery Supply) warranty
  • Reinforced with maple lamination for increased longevity
  • It’s easy for a 14 and above year old to handle and shoot

Verdict: Note that the total length of the bow is 62” and maximum draw weight is 36”. For this reason, a skilled hunter might not get enough energy and target speed for this bow. The quality is also good, but not like other recurve bows that I have shortlisted. It has made my top ten lists due to its affordability and a lot of positive reviews. Overall: It is ideal for beginners.



40 lb Black White Archery Hunting Recurve BowIt is a 40 lb recurve bow that typically illustrates the definition of a high quality and excellent performance. It represents the least expensive options for hunting techniques. Not only that, the bow is well polished and comes with black and white color to add a unique and vivid look.


  • It is a 40 lb draw weight with an arrow speed of 170+ FPS.
  • Has a 28” draw length and 61” total length
  • Includes an arrow rest and 2 Sight pins
  • The archery has an Aluminium Alloy Riser for maximum speed and accuracy

Verdict: As far as I know, this is the finest hidden treasure in recurve bow market. I bet you didn’t know about it since it has little to no research. However, it is an accurate value for your investment. Prepare yourself to shoot to over 30+ yards with this treasured recurve bow.



Best Recurve Bow -Bear Archery Titan BowIt is typically intended for those who want to learn the archery skills, and that is one of the reasons why you can purchase this bow for less than 40 USD.

Besides that you can opt to buy a set of it that comes with a target, an armed guard, quiver and fingertab at only 65 USD. It comes with less draw weight hence making it perfect for a novice hunter to focus on various targeting techniques.

Worry less about holding up the bow to shoot, thanks to the ambidextrous that determines whether you will use your right hand and left hand.

If you learn how to string a bow, then you are perfect to use this Bear Archery.


  • Draw length: 22” to 28.”
  • Draw Weight: 20lb to 29lb
  • Includes durable composite limbs and rubber-gripped riser
  • It is perfect for beginners hence it doesn’t accept any accessories
  • It is lightweight and comes with comfortable grip to hold
  • Recommended for two years age and above

Verdict: It is my number one best cheap recurve bow in the market and also a terrific selection for a novice hunter. Several oriented youth groups have used this bow for years. According to their review, the recurve bow tends to be a little bit louder than its size.

I would advise you to use the Whisker String silencers that help to lessen the noise. Overall: It is a decent bow for a 12-year-old and older and an ideal archery starting point.



Longbowmaker Hungarian style Handmade LongbowBeing one of my favorites recurve bows this year, I can’t wait to tell you that it is one of the finest recommendations in the market. Thanks to the multi-functional features and guaranteed trusted brand in this bow industry.

It is perfect for competition, hunting and target practicing. The handmade design gives you 100% assurance that the string, riser, and limbs are perfectly made from reliable materials.

Height doesn’t matter for this best recurve bow, the extraordinary length of bow and string body is well catered.


  • Draw weight: 20-110 lbs
  • Bow Body Length: 145 cm; Bow String Length: 131cm
  • Draw Length: 28”; Safe Draw Length: 33.”
  • The bow is compatible with fast flight Flemish or Nylon string
  • It is an easy to use recurve bow for any user

Verdict: Since this best recurve bow is purely handmade, remember to purchase from a trusted dealer. In that case, you can easily get a genuine Flagella Recurve Bow from Amazon.

Overall: it is a powerful and lightweight bow that specifically natures your target archery skills to the next level. Also, keep stretching and working out your arms as you wait for your bow.

You never know, but the process helps you to have maximum stretching and targeting performance.



Huntingdoor Black Recurve Archery Hunting Longbow MongolianHuntingdoor is widely known for creating top quality handmade recurve bows and arrows.

With that in mind, they haven’t left an inch when coming up with this ideal recurve bow for hunting. To name but a few, durable traditionally made material, unique craft and lastly great comfort. It is very easy to string this recurve bow, so worry less about the stringer.

Offers great target satisfaction and can be used by either a right-hand or left-hand person.


  • The wood quality and bows construction are superb
  • Well designed with unique snakeskin cover
  • Bow Body Length: 140 cm; Bow String Length: +_132 cm
  • It is a 52”lb recurve bow and provides 81cm maximum draw length
  • Includes a bowstring and wooden made handles
  • It is lightweight hence providing maximum performance in the field
  • The classic recurve style is ideal for remote area hunting and fly-in

Verdict: You can never go wrong with this archery bow selection. It’s even better to say that I have read several reviews online; most comments are about the snake skin which tends to peel off.

Note that it is also wrapped up with cordage which prevents it from peeling further. Overall: Regarding its superb features, it is an outstanding purchase.



Takedown Longbow Draw Weight 50lbs AluminumIt is a 50lbs archery hunting recurve that is widely known for archers on a budget.

It is perfect for both hunting and target practice. It comes with an exceptionally made darcon bowstring which is easy to maintain and last for long.

Plus, it has a simple and elegant design and doesn’t require servicing since it doesn’t have any attached accessories.

It’s also perfect for beginners, thanks to the 3-part design that is easy to store and transport.


  • Bow Body Length: 45 inch; Draw length: 29.7 inch
  • Comes with a dark green handle and black limbs
  • The Aluminium Alloy made handle and Fiberglass limbs provide optimal durability
  • Includes an Arrow rest, spanner, bow sight and targets

Verdict: Note that this Takedown Longbow is recommended for a right handed person. Besides, you can opt to put a threaded fishing reel at the base of this best recurve bow. Overall: it is very durable and provides a very stable shooting. It can also be used by an advanced and beginner archer. It’s perfect bow in the market and recommended.



Best Recurve Bow-Leader Accessories Recurve Bow Longbow Compound Bow 40lbsThis youth recurve bow is highly designed with super speed tension in the bow.

The powerful short is well catered with the help of a comfortable handle and 170fps (Frames per Second), making it comfortable to use all day.

It is quite lightweight and easy to store. The bow features an Aluminium riser which is ideal for tuning possibilities and griping the limbs.


  • Draw weight: 40 Lbs; Draw Length: 28”
  • Provides a maximum speed of 170 FPS
  • Length: 61”
  • It is recommended to use a 30” aluminium and 30” carbon arrow
  • Includes an arrow rest and string

Verdict: If you are an outdoor lover enthusiast, then you will love this best recurve bow by Leader Accessories. I also love its competitive price and 100% satisfaction from verified customer’s reviews.

It comes unassembled, but it will take you less than five minutes to put the parts together. It is also quite heavy for a novice, but you will eventually get used to stretch.



Best Recurve Bow-Spectre Compact Take-down Survival Bow and Arrow SetLots of recurve bows are quite costly and not suitable for various survival tactics. I am merely saying this because this Spectre compact Take-down bow and arrow is highly crafted to cater for all your hunting needs. The fiberglass riser helps you to have sustainable balance while shooting.


  • Includes a fiberglass riser hence it can be used by a left and right-hand person
  • Includes an arrow rest, carrying case and three arrows
  • It is lightweight and easy to transport
  • Guaranteed with one year warranty from Xpectre

Verdict: The best thing about this bow is that even if you don’t have targeting or shooting skills, you can still create a room to increase your arm strength instead of buying the controllers.

You can also use it for fishing. However, the whole surface area of this bow is entirely made of metal which can be difficult for you to attach a reel.

Overall: If you are an average sized person, then this is the best bow selection is for you.


Which of the above Recurve Bow Do I Recommend?

I have listed the above top ten models recurve bows since they come with a high level of standard, durability and availability of top notch features. Also, note that the reviews were written after doing some in-depth research.

In all, my favorite and best bow reviews are The Samick Sage, the Takedown, The Spectre, The Hunting door and the Bear Archery bow.

Reason: The main imperative factor as to why I love the bows mentioned above is because I have liked them. In short, when I like something, I come up with an exceptional review, and I simply do it by expressing my satisfaction and emotion with the product. Based on my experiences and fellow archers, note that these are my true opinions:

Price Vs Quality

If you want to purchase a high-quality product, you must be aware by now that the higher the price, the higher the quality. Not to mention that most expensive bows come along with new and advanced technology.

Whether you are investing in a hobby or hunting tool, try as much as possible to invest in a high-quality bow that will cater for longevity as well as effective.

Purchasing Your Best Recurve Bow

One crucial thing that tends to wary a consumer is where to find the legit bow dealer; Lots of myths have been created by advertisers and marketers that Pro-shops don’t sell professional grade recurve bows.

They believe that online stores are the best in the sale of exceptional bows. Note that manufacturer tend to sell a similar version to both of them.

For this reason, worry less if you don’t have access to any dealer, you can easily purchase the same quality online.

You will also have a chance to read reviews about the bow that you are interested in buying. According to my experience, online purchasing is even better and convenient.

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