The Infinite Edge Pro compound bow is a ready-to-shoot bow by Diamond. It comes in a package that includes useful equipment and will have you shooting almost immediately. The 3-Pin Tundra and the Tube Peep Sight together make aiming a breeze. In addition, you can mount a sight light onto the peep sight if you tend to hunt at dusk. The included Octane Hostage XL Arrow Rest will provide accurate and reliable rest whereas the Octane DeadLock Lite quiver will hold arrows tightly. The Octane Ultra-Lite Stabilizer, which is lightweight and durable at the same time, will help eliminate noise and vibrations. The comfort wrist sling is easy to adjust and also very comfortable.

In addition, all those who are on the patriotic side will be glad to hear that this compound bow is made in the USA by one of the market’s leading compound bow brands. 

Diamond Infinite Edge Pro Features

Materials and Design

Diamond Archery made sure to use only high-quality materials in the making of Infinite Edge Pro bow. The riser is made from aluminum whereas the grip is made out of hard and durable rubber. Thanks to the texture of the rubber the amount of torque is reduced. This means that you won’t lose your grip and that the compound bow can be also used in cold weather.

The bow is available for left-handed and right-handed archers who also get to choose the finish of the bow – black ops, mossy oak, or pink blaze.

Speed and Performance

Considering the fact that the Diamond Infinite Edge is classified as a beginners bow, it exceeds all the expectations. This bow can shoot at a great speed and the speed can even be altered by using different draw weights. The IBO speed rating of this bow is 310 FPS when set at 70 pounds. You should take into consideration the fact that the heavier the arrow is, the lower the FPS will be.

In addition, the draw features a solid back wall, and it is smooth as well as comfortable. Thanks to the solid limbs and parallel positioning, you won’t feel a thing and the bow will fire without any hand shock.

Hunting Power

Some hunters prefer a heavy bow because they think that such a bow is more stable. However, others believe that lightweight compound bows can increase accuracy and also prevent fatigue during longer outings. The Infinite Edge Pro Bow weighs in at just a little over 3 lbs. This makes it easy to carry around and also suitable to be handled by a child.

However, just because the bow is easy to handle doesn’t mean it is not powerful. This compound bow is capable of taking down almost any game a hunter can think of. With a setting of 70 lbs, 30″ draw length, and 350-grain arrows, this bow has a Kinetic Energy (KE) of 74.7, making it suitable for taking down even the toughest game such as buffalos or grizzlies.

For archers looking to add a little weight to the bow and potentially increase shooting power, they should consider adding a heavier compound bow stabilizer.


The Infinite Edge Pro compound bow is probably one of the most adjustable compound bows available on the market. It was made so that archers of all experiences and sizes can handle it, ranging from a child to an adult. There are three settings available on the cam’s string posts which allow for maximum flexibility – the “A” setting, “B” setting, and “C” setting. The draw length ranges from 31″ to 13″. The maximum draw weight is 70 lbs, whereas the minimum is 8 lbs. In addition, this is a multi-shooter bow, making it an ideal choice in situations when more than one person is required to shoot.

Noise Level and Handshock

This compound bow is pretty silent. Thanks to the Octane Stabilizer, most of the vibrations are removed from the shooting process. This means that you won’t need any additional noise dampening accessories such as silencers. This is a great advantage, especially if you plan to use this bow for hunting.

And, when it comes to the hand shock, virtually it is non-existent. Some users might recognize a bit of recoil, but this varies from person to person.

diamond infinite edge pro compound bow

Diamond Infinite Edge Pros

  • A compound bow that is vibration-free and accurate.
  • Very comfortable and easy to shoot.
  • Available for right-handed and left-handed archers.
  • Comes with quality accessories.
  • The flexibility of the bow is second to none.
  • Ensures stealth.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.

Diamond Infinite Edge Cons

  • Arrows are not included.
  • May seem expensive to beginners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the product designed for?

This compound bow was designed for beginners as well as intermediate archers. It can be handled easily by adults as well as younger shooters (aged 8-15).

Can this bow be used for hunting?

Diamond Infinite Edge can be used for target shooting, archery, as well as hunting. As already mentioned, the bow can develop Kinetic Energy that is suitable for taking down large game. However, if you use low settings on the bow, the bow won’t develop necessary Kinetic Energy, making it unsuitable for hunting even small game.

Should I buy the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro?

Diamond’s Infinite Edge Pro compound bow is one of the most flexible bows available on the market. Some might consider the kit a bit pricey, but the package includes many quality accessories that will give you more bang for the buck. In addition, the bow itself comes with many features that make it great for archery and hunting, as well as a beginner-friendly unit. Since this compound bow features three adjustability settings, it can be used by archers of all ages, sizes, and genders. The bow draws smooth, is forgiving and very accurate at the same time and it will surely enhance your shooting experience.

Don’t think this bow is for you? We recommend you check out our list of the best compound bows. If you’re a beginner looking for an entry-level bow, we also recommend our article on the best compound bows for beginners.

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