So if you are thinking of going for hunting with a recurve bow but not have one or you want to replace your existing check our guide bellow to find which the best recurve bow for hunting is.

Before we present you our top 5 of hunting bows we must first examine what makes the best recurve bow for hunting. It is well known among st experienced archers that the best hunting bows can also be used for target shooting but the opposite does not apply.

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Recurve Bow Hunting Guide

Find out which is the best recurve bow. You should understand that when you go for hunting with a recurve bow you are going to kill an animal. This animal is going to be probably a big one so you cannot afford to have a bow that won’t be strong enough to shoot it but not kill it or make a sound just before you shoot and make the animal run away. So here are some of the basic characteristics a hunting recurve bow should have.

Specifications of Hunting bows Draw Weight

You should choose a bow with as much as draw weight you can handle with a minimum of 40 lbs.
When you go for hunting with a recurve bow you will shoot an animal with thick skin from a long distance so you want your arrow to have the power to travel far and fast something that will not be achievable with a bow with a draw weight less than 40lbs.
Also you should have a bow of more than 40 lbs. for your own safety.
Yea you have read right for your own safety.
You will not shoot targets you will shoot wild animals that react on primal instincts and if you shoot them with a weak shot just scratch them and not kill them there is a big opportunity that they will attack you.
As a beginner hunter you might find it difficult to shoot with a bow of 40lbs. but don’t be ashamed. It is something really normal, you can go to an archery range for a while to shoot some targets and power up your back muscles. Then you will be able to go to the woods for some real action.


Another important element your bow need to have is to be quiet.
As you probably already know animals have developed their sense of hearing a lot more than humans. Now imagine how easy is for them to hear the vibration of your bow in the quietness of the woods.

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It can be really frustrating to wait for an animal an hour or two and when you have the perfect shot to miss it because your bow made a sound that the animal heard it and run away.
You have to check that your arrow will not make any weird noises neither when you load it nor when you release the arrow and vibrates.
Even if you have released the arrow if the bow makes a noise the animal will be able to run away.
In our top 10 list all the bows are really quiet but if you already own one and you don’t want to change it there are certain accessories that will make your arrow quieter.
So before you go to your next recurve bow hunting keep in mind that silence is your ally.

Bow Weight

  • When you go in the woods looking for your next pray you will walk… a lot because wild animals will not be anywhere near to where you have parked your car.
  • You also know that hunting takes time and you will probably have to carry with you some water, food a first aid kit (if you didn’t took one consider it seriously) and of course your bow.
  • So it makes perfect sense that a hunting bow has to be really light.
  • Ease of Transfer Usually recurve bows are at least 60’’ which makes it a bit difficult to transfer them even in the car
  • So our opinion is that the best bow for hunting has to be a takedown bow.
  • If you are not familiar with the term a takedown bow is a bow that folds and usually comes with a case for easier transfer.
  • It is better to buy a takedown bow for your convenience but also for your bow’s safety, accidents happen and especially if you are walking at a terrain with rocks mud and other elements makes it even easier to slip and damage or even break your bow.

Top 10 Hunting Bows

  • Having all the above factors in mind we chose the top five bows that fill these standards.
  • Best Hunting BowBear 58″ Grizzly Recurve.
  • If you are an experience hunter you should have seen it coming… of course the best hunting bow is a Bear model.
  • Bear being one of the historic brands in the archery field continues to offer great quality products especially when it comes at hunting.
  • But let’s see what’s making this bow the best.


  • Accurate
  • Durable
  • Easy To Adjust
  • Easy To Draw
  • Easy To Handle
  • Powerful

When you firstly see this bow one thing is for sure that it will make you smile with its minimal and elegant design.
The riser is crafted from a peace of Dymonwood having attached on it a well balanced shelf covered with bear hair (natural!!!) that’s offering shooting accuracy equal to the most expensive compound bows.

The limbs are constructed by maple covered by black fiberglass making them extremely durable. Also the glossy finish they have is doing a great job of preventing the moisture getting absorbed. In comparison to other recurve bows at that price range that use pool quality strings Bear’s Grizzly comes with a Dacron Flemish twisted bow string.

Also it is worth to mention that this bow is really quiet and you will not feel any vibration after shooting.

Because we chose them it doesn’t mean that these are the best for you there always a ton of personal factors that come in pay when you go to buy a recurve bow so see it more as some general guidelines rather some shopping bible you have to follow.

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