raccoonsTo become an expert in the field of raccoon hunting, you need to have an additional measure of dedication. I have come up with the best imperative tips that you will see in the paragraph below. Therewards of raccoon hunting aremany; you will get a chance to listen to the bawl of hounds on a raccoon’s trail. Besides, you will enjoy the night hunting with fellow hunters as well as delicious meal prepared from the bounty of the hunts.

5 Raccoon Hunting Essentials

Raccoon hunting isn’t a walk in the park stratagem, but if you cling with it to the end, it is a rewarding and worthwhile experience. The skill of hunting raccoon tends to differ from other hunting sports. For just one thing, the hunter is more active at night. The irony comes when you find that raccoons are most active at night. In that case you need to have one or more basic essentials and improve your hunting skills.

1 Selecting the Ultimate Coon Hunting Gear

The supplies used for coon hunting can vary depending on the budget and hunters skills. At the very least, you need to invest for additional equipment’s for a fruitful hunt. Check out our list and grasp one thing or two.

hunting raccoon

The Night Hunting Lights

The truth is that we can’t see everything at night. We are very far to perfection when it comes to night seeing clearly at night. Let us just leave this to the raccoons. Inall, we have to improvise everything beyond our power so as to have a successful hunt. You will be going from one section to the next, in the search of the coon at night. So, the night light will be your next companion.

Currently The Kill Light XLR250 Pro Package Light is a very sturdy, lightweight and well-built with aircraft grade aluminium for longevity. Comes with green, red and white LEDs. It is recommended to use green LED for coon hunting. The good thing is that you can mount it to your barrel or scope.


The Boot Waders

So, you are planning to go in the woods with your best buy sport shoes? You won’t even step a mile ahead. You know why? Because raccoons hide in bushy places and dens. This is where you will cross-path with more than one type of forest thorns. In this regard, consider to have a more sturdy and advanced pair or rubber high boots. Forinstance the Bogs Classic High Boot is a water proof hunting wader that will guarantee you to keep your feet at ease and dry all night.

Bogs Men's Classic High Camo Winter Snow Boot

Coon Squall Call

With practice you are assured to hunt the coon in some minutes. The ideal coon squall call should have flexible accessories as well as easy to carry around. That is why Primos Coon Squaller Call takes the day. It is 100% designed and tested for demanding environment. You can get the Primos call for less than $15.The main function of the calls is to help the coons to arouse from their hiding places. This gives your dog a chance to tree and track the coon with less effort. You can also opt to select a bird distress call or a mouse squeaker that help to draw out the holed up coons.Not only do the calls help in raccoon hunting but also help to target other predators.Primos Coon Squaller Call

Other Important Raccoon Hunting Gears

There are more options when it comes to hunting a raccoon. For instance a GPS tracking device like Garmin Astro will save your hunting time and technique. Not to mention the Hunting Knife is also a basic tool for coon hunting. After a successfulhunt, you will need a knife to harvest an animal. It also acts as an emergency equipment to repair your hunting tools.Garmin Astro 320 T5 Dog GPS Bundle

  1. Finding Coon Hunting Places

You might have all the required equipment’s that you want to hunt the coon. But when it comes to selecting hunting places, you don’t even have a clue on where to start. To avoid such challenges you can decide to part with local coon hunting community. By this, you will be assured to grasp one or more hunting skill.

  1. Tracking Raccoons

Browning Strike Force Sub Micro 10MP Game CameraFor a successful hunt, you need to learn how to track the coons. To do this without a doubt your dog and you must learn some fundamental skills. By learning every dogs steps, signal and behavior will allow you to decrease the night time hunting. Selecting ideal location along with having good weather condition will make you to be a successful hunter. Besides, you also need to understand the coon’s habits. This will give you a better chance to find more than one coon. With the help of best scouting camera you will be good to get and view any coon’s clues.

  1. Treeing Coons

garmin-astro-320-t5-dog-gps-bundleThis involves a hunting process where your dog must find a hot trail. To identify this, your dog will begin to show some different signs of growling deeply and howling. Note that a treed coon will never think of leaving or moving on from one junction to another. So, you have to do your best by shaking the branch of the trees. Remember to view your coon lights and make sure that all the limbs and branches are visible. At this point, you will be capable of taking an accurate shot.

5 The Raccoon Hunting Soft Skills

There are rules and regulations to be followed when coon hunting. For instance, you need treat other people’s property with high respect. To avoid any arguments in the future, take simple precautions such as closing the gate when you enter and avoid cutting mud tracks. Lastly, never leave your trash behind. These simple rules will make you to hunt in the same location for years to come.

Much has been said about coon hunting. Now, it’s up to you to stand tall and do your best. Always be sure that you have grasped important skills for raccoon hunting. All the best in your hunting endeavors!

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